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Mayu At The Beach

It was something like 104 at our house this day...


That thing is a machine!


The next time why don't you throw the stick a little further out into rough Lake Superior waters. I'm sure your faithful companion will jump in anyway, not knowing about the deadly undertow and the real possibility he/she will be drawn out to the middle of the big lake to die.

Look, if the city discourages humans from swimming in Lake Superior, I'm guessing that also applies to dogs as well.

Stick to inland watersports for you and rover.

"The next time why don't you throw the stick a little further out into rough Lake Superior waters?" [Question mark added for logic's sake.]

Well, we didn't throw the stick farther out (the AP chooses "farther" to refer to physical distance) because we aren't dumbasses that swim too far out in the lake. "Rough?" Are two inch waves now considered rough? Do you wear a helmet when you swim? It might look like she's far out, but she isn't. She's small and the camera is crappy.

Mayu loves swimming. We love Mayu.

Lighten up. It's hot enough.

I wish my dog liked to swim. She is a good swimmer but I can't coax her out further than her chest.

my dogs will swim as far as i go. they also maul the hell outta me with their wild paddling. sat eve i looked like a bobcat got a hold of me. almost took a boob off!

Speedking, you're an asshole. You speak with no knowledge whatsoever. Who are you, anyway, the dog lifeguard?
The City certainly was not discouraging swimming this day, as Park Point was packed, with not a warning sign (on the lake side) in sight.

To the rest: She's an awesome little dog. A dock-jumper. She swims like she's powered by magic, or like she's got an outboard motor hidden somewhere, and has an insatiable fetch-drive.

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