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Go Swim Now!

If you live in Duluth and don't go swimming in Lake Superior today you must have a screw loose. The water is perfect. I just got back from my morning swim and I could have stayed all day. So get out there my fellow Duluthians the water beckons!

On a side note one of my favorite bands The Meat Purveyors are sleeping at my house right now. They snore and smell but they also RAWK the BLUEGRASS! They are performing at Green Man tonight and then again at the Brewhouse with Charlie Parr around 10. The Brewhouse is free but Green Man costs a little bit.


Well, I just put in an 11-hour shift and it's already practically 90 out there, so you better keep those fucken cowpunks quiet.

TMP is one of my favorite bands too. They're more man than you'll ever be and more woman than you'll ever get.

I hope to get in the lake before going to Greenman. August and I will be going to see The Meat Purveyors & Trampled by Turtles tonight. I think we'll miss anything earlier due to the heat.

Any info on Greenman parking? There's nothing on their website.

yeah, well too bad I can't just leap out of work

No kidding. "My morning swim"? A man of leisure.

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