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First Ave East & Superior Street



The quality of this job is terrific. The bottom slogan, "The Change is Forever," is original. All the other text has been pasted on.


Holy shit. I wanted to do that. Kudos to whoever you are!

niiice. I always appriciate billboard sabotage. I won't list my own past endevors, except to say they where in a different State and most likely the statute of limitations has expired. But, this... this is good.

That's some quality work! (message and application)

Just drove past there and the extra text is down, leaving a big rip in the sign. Obviously it didn't come down easily.

this sign REALLY needed to be posted on http://www.freewayblogger.com

done. (i took a pic last night too.)

sweet...thanks hbh...

Just walked by this afternoon. It's all ripped down now. But, they did manage to completely wreck pretty much the entire billboard in the process.

Who ever did that is a sorry s.o.b. I take great pride in my service. My family has a history of serving the Army and Marine Corp. Its so sad to see the disrespect some folks have to the men and women who gave their lives for our country. I know that the majority of these folks are just lame, lazy, and scared. I pitty you.
The only people who are scared of the 6 consequences you listed on the billboard are people like you. Real soldiers and marines are ready and able to accept the worst. Oh yea,I dont want to hear some bullshit from some one who says, "I served in the army, and i went to Iraq. I hate the president and the army." because you are probably some sissy who joined for the college money.

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