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Contortionist Ticketed.


Gradishar described the contortionist as ‘‘a really flexible person. She could touch her heel to her forehead.’’

I kinda wanted to go to the NorShor Experience last night. Now I know what I missed. Has anyone out there gone to the New old NorShor yet?


I won't go until Ringsred stops being such a putz.

My inner-libertarian is kinda angry at all this. Let Ringsred have his schlock.

About 11-12 years ago they had a stripper at the Saratoga who was a contortionist. I had to use my Kermit the Frog doll to demonstrate what she could do with her legs. To the tune of "Never knew a girl like you before" She would lay on the stage and then flip her legs up over her back and head and take dollars off the rail with her heels. It was impressive. And she was cute. But the next girl was someone I went to jr high and highschool with so I had to leave. Contortionist girl, not so creepy-girl you've known forever in a bad K-Mart bikini stripping to Warrant-VERY CREEPY.

Yes, I went there last night with Sara. We stopped in and were immediatley impressed by the plaster Marylin Monroe and Elvis statues. The woman behind the bar was very friendly and chatty and this creepy older guy really wanted us to stay but we just weren't ready for that yet.

Norshor's loss, Mighty Thomas Carnival's gain.

Kind of off-topic, but there was an article in Ashland's Daily Press today about how Ringsred & his family are moving to Bayfield to open a B&B...


B&B? A Bar and Brothel?

Seriously I like Bayfield quite a bit and have spent my fair share of time in the area, another B&B in Bayfiled is like another mosquito in the Northwoods.

I think a Bar & Brothel in Bayfield would get a lot of business--they could make it all nautical-themed, with lighthouses-as-phallic-symbols decor...

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