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Attention Please.


Low will be performing their critically acclaimed album Things We Lost in the Fire tonight at Washington Studios. This is in preparation for a show in London on July 26th. Special guests include Mark De Gli Antoni (formerly of Soul Coughing) and Dana Cunningham.

This is a free show which will start around 6:30. Alan says to bring your own dinner.


Wish I could be there. Just a little bit jealous ...

i live in that building for three damn years, and the coolest thing to ever go on there happens two months after i move out of state. please, starfire, at least videotape "medicine magazine" for us and post it.
and, dana, if they let you whistle during the set it will blow minds.

damn...wish i had known...we LOVE that album.

Just got back. It was amazing. Thanks for the heads up, Starfire.

That is one of my favorite albums of all time. My copy of the cd has been all over the world-Australia, Asia, South America. It was one of the first on my I-pod. Whenever I travel I like to take a bath and listen to it. I wish I could have seen the show.

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