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Asps... very dangerous. You go first.

Indy? Indy?
Dietrich: Dr. Jones, surely you don't think you can escape from this island?
Indiana: That depends on how reasonable we're all willing to be. All I want is the movie.
Dietrich: And if we refuse?
Indiana: Then your F├╝rher has no prize.
Dietrich: What is this... movie?
Indiana: "Raiders of the Lost Ark." It's showing at 8:56pm at Leif Erikson Park Bowl. It's free.
Dietrich: What does one take to a... movie?
Indiana: A blanket and bug spray and perhaps something to drink.
Dietrich: I shall check out this... movie.

See you tonight!

Next week's movie: "Shrek"


I'll be there! Look for me at the beet flag with my beetkin.

Anyone have any figures on the size of the audience last night? I've been guessing about 1200 but I heard someone say there were 2000 people there, but I have no way of substantiating that. Anyone?

2 grand's not out of the ballpark, though i'm guessing it was a tad closer to 15 hundie.

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