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Up Yours!

cat-finger_tn_200x140.jpgGood News: turned in two-week notice at my sucky-ass job
Bad News: they did a "screw you" and said I'm done effective immediately, which leaves me without a paycheck for two weeks
Best News: giving my ex-job the finger and never having to deal with them again! :D


Wow, that both sucks and is great. I'm both happy and sad for you.

So... if they terminated you, seesm like you qualify for unemployment compensation. You gave them required notice... but perhaps more hassle than it is worth, whats your new job?

Computer help desk at SMDC. I'll be working with a bunch of great guys, and for a company that doesn't try to bend you over and screw you in the ass! ;)

Congrats! That must feel pretty good. I've always enjoyed quitting jobs, but that just equals out how horrible it is to look for one.

Not to seem like a dink, but being SMDC is Catholic affiliated, there is your guarantee there will be no blessing for *bending you over and screwing you in the ass*, or getting a tubal ligation at their fine sprawling facility...or donating your eggs for those who cannot conceive. Yay, Catholicism.

[my two bits]

Eeek - I forgot about the whole Catholic thing. Well, luckily my man's fixed, so I don't have to worry about whether or not birth control is "moral".

Please do yourself a favor and go file for unemployment benefits. You are entitled to them for the 2 weeks since you were involuntarily terminated thru no fault of your own Besides it will establish your claim for the next 12 months so if the new job doesnt work out you may have a backup. It will also effect their experience rating and raise their tax haha. You do have a copy of your resignation letter right?

Welcome to the SMDC/MILLER DWAN family!!I am a pagan and never had a problem.

I heard that you can't file for unemployment until one week has passed, meaning I would only get one week of unemployment. I would also have to sign a letter stating that my company fired me (rather than me quitting).
Right now I'm debating if it's worth it...

So, when do you start? My orientation's on Monday (19th). I'm going to be working in the St. Mary's kitchen.

I'll be starting on the 26th. Maybe I'll stop by for lunch someday! :)

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