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The Original 40-year-old Virgin

enos.jpg virgin.jpg

I saw part of the pilot episode of "The Dukes of Hazzard" last night. In the first scene with Deputy Enos Strate, narrator Waylon Jennings refers to the character as "the oldest virgin in Hazzard County."


On a completely separate note, I have made several attempts to start a TypeKey account so I can comment on other people's posts to this site. I never get the confirmation e-mail that allows me to log in. So, from now on I have no comment.


I forgot what my type key password was, and tried to get it e-mailed to me, but it never showed up.

So I kept guessing at what it was and finally got it right.

(Note to self: Remember, mother's maiden name: Heifendorfer ... city of birth, Tuscaloosa)

This is a test to see if I, myself, registered correctly. Lots of technical jargon to follow just to add a little comment:)

Heifendorfer!...HEIFENDORFER!!! My mothers name is heifendorfer...hehe JKJK! I just like to make fun of odd last names

DINKLER! Where are the end of the month sales reports?!?

my typekey confirmation went into my spambox, causing me much confusion.

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