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summer showers, and Sunday

Perhaps not quite as dramatic as the sweet shots by Mr. Moe, but I was at work so didn't have much time to exploit the recent awsome showers.

Oh, and Sunday would be cool for a flickr walk, if peep are interested. I thought it was going to rain, but seems like it'll be nice. I'm limited to places accesable by bus. Lakewalk... trainyards... ? Suggestions for time and place?


not this time, but some time this summer the flickr walk should be a flickr bike ride along the munger... perhaps to the Buffalo house and back?

Great color, Edgewood. These storm photos look so surreal. I would suspect photoshoppery if I wasn't there myself.

Oh- I'd like to go on the next flickr walk as well. Anyplace is fine. Sunday works for me.

guess it didn't happen, :( maby next month

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