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so long old pal

after 14 wonderful years, talulah is gone. nobody was luckier than me.
r.i.p. 5-31-06


oohh ... i'm so sorry

wish i could speed up the grief and make it go away. hopefully you'll be able to share that love again!

take care

Poor puppy. I'm sorry about the loss of your pet. :(

My condolences. :(

Our condolences,while the physical has past on the love will always remain.

oh, man...

so sorry, C-freak. in the doggy-afterlife, she's bounding around like a puppy again.

Sorry to read about you loss... i'm sure you'll meet her again someday and she'll have an unlimited supply of bones and PBR to share with you...

Sorry to hear about your loss. You gave talulah a wonderful life.


condolences and sympathies from tamara, hazel and me.

May light perpetual shine upon her. Blessings.

I'm sorry.

thanks for the kind words. she died of old age & that's the best. i already got a new pup & we are aclimating just fine.

my condolences...it is so incredibly painful to lose a loved one.

Is your new doggie as cute as the old one?

My deepest sympathy, dear.

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