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Sister Bar Exchange

I was poking around Eric Ringsred Dot Com today and found his "Coming Attractions" page. I like #4 the best.


I wonder what Ringsred's interest is in the city of Bayfield. I noticed it being mentioned a few times in that section of his website.

If I were a member of Bayfield's City Council, I would be wary of anything Ringsred has to say or offer. IMO, they should steer well clear of him, if they know what's good for them.

As a family that has owned property in Bayfield for over 20 years, I will be writing a letter to perhaps make the council aware of Ringsred's track record here in Duluth.

It may not make a difference, but I'll feel better.

How does #5 differ from any other night?

Wait. So you're saying Ringsred buying crumbling properties and neglecting the isn't good for a city's tax-base, reputation, safety and sense of progress? Who knew?

I'm curious as to how you would describe Ringsred's track record to another city's Council.

Is it now the accepted wisdom that the properties in question would be better off in the hands of say, A&L?

Is it 'Anybody but Ringsred' now?

Just curious.


A&L and Ringsred suck equal suckiness. A&L for seriously bad taste and for being liars; Ringsred for seriously poor business acumen and for neglect/non-investment. On the other hand, if I had to choose between Rob Link and Eric Ringsred for my babysitter, I'd choose Eric. He looks funny, which makes me smile. Rob just scares me, what with his big black SUV and thick neck and growly demeanor and whatnot.

Here's my dream.

I would love to have Mr. Ringsred and a few other Duluthians with differing viewpoints sit down and talk about preservation and the future of Duluth. I would gladly record the discussion and release it as a Podcast. Maybe even the PDD community could submit questions for the panel.

Mr. Candidate could you ask Eric if he would be interested in something like that?


wheretheheckayoubeen? was thinking the other day that we've been without your wisdom and insight for a while now...

Awww, shucks (rubbing toe in dirt). Thanks for the warm fuzzies, in.dog. I've been outside...breathing.

Yeah, I'll ask him. Who else should be on the panel?

Margaret Frastley.

One of my mother's friends told me that Erik Ringsred has/had a baboon that lived in a car. Anyone else hear this rumor??

it is not a rumor. it was a snow monkey that Ringsred rescued from being vet-killed after a rather dodgy life as a doorman of some restaurant in WI (?). i don't know if Pepper ever lived in a car, but it wouldn't surprise me. i know for sure that he had a house of his own (formerly Ringsred's dad's house, i think), lived in the basement of the Temple Opera building for awhile, and then lived in one of Ringsred's warehouses in Superior. the story of his death was rather tragic. the guy who was the monkey's caretaker was preparing a bath for him over at the warehouse and somehow there was a fire. the monkey apparently loved watching TV and had managed to learn what fire extinguishers were for. they found his body near one.

that monkey was pretty insane, i should add. he once tried to squeeze off my fingers.

Who hasn't tried to squeeze off your fingers?

once, hbh was preparing me a bath and the water was so hot i tried to squeeze her fingers off.

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