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Prom Memories

Group Prom.jpg

So my nephew went to prom this last week and it got me thinking about my prom's at Superior Senior High School. I thought I would share this lovely group photo of some of your local rock folk in their prom gear. Greg Conley, Bryon Gaynor and Marcus Matthews. I am Bryon's date in the metalic green dress. SWEET. "Dreams to Remember" May 19, 1990


that is the single greatest photo i have ever seen in my life. the bestest birthday present a boy could ever receive. greater, even, than the gift of life!

p.s. greg is going to kill you.

by the way...what was your prom theme, "the trouble with tribbles?"


I didn't need that this early in the morning, thanks Laurie! BTW the WNXR Iron River has been doing sponsored congratulations to the Northwestern class of 2006...the class motto is "dream like there future is here, live like there is no tomorrow" whoa

I knew it was too good to not post, no matter the risk. And of course there's always more prom, more highschool musical "Barnum", etc. And man, if I had a copy of the video of the highschool band doing "Every rose has it's thorn"...

Cougar is one sexy MOFO!!
That 4th cat isn't Ed Willie, is it?

I think I just blew a funny fuse.

oh my god, greg has hair!

The fourth guy is Eric Arneson. The girls are Laurie Viets (me) Sue Pahos, Shelby Milroy & Holly Smith.

we graduated the same year. So *you* were one of those Superior Senior High School *girls*. I heard you ladies cracked skulls, took names, and sometimes did *you know* behind the bleachers.

But, yeah, nice dress.

Man, do I feel old. I used to have hair just like Bryon's in the picture. Like I said.... used to.

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