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Perfect Duluth Storm 2

Rainbow LightningPDD.jpg
Another fine storm tonight. Larger image at www.moeview.com


yet another awesome pic...i think this is about where my camera batteries took a dive...

tamara and I watched the remainder of the storm as it rolled on into superior and beyond from our attic window. It was like our own little show looking down the hillside...

Luvin it. Nice work Mr. Moe. Dig these sunset storms.

I wonder what the odds are of being struck by lighting while sitting on a pot o' gold.

Wow, nice pic.

I noticed last night that it was a full rainbow.


as it was still coming down buckets, the sun came out behind the raindrops, and you could see them as individuals, millions upon millions of them, shining like little lights as they fell. in layers. it was remarkable.

more rainstorms like that would be cool

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