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People! Can't we all just get along?

Duluth News Tribune: Wabasha Book Shut Down, Reports Bomb Threat

"Sgt. Scott Campbell, supervisor of the Violent Crimes Unit, said the Wabasha notified police at 8:17 a.m. that a threatening note directed toward Eric Ringsred was found on the front of the store at 114 E. First St.

Ringsred owns the NorShor Theatre and has approved a plan for Jim Gradishar, owner of Wabasha Book, to bring nude dancers into the theater located on Superior Street.

The words of the note were pieced together with letters taken from a newspaper or magazine, Campbell said. It was stuck to the door with a kitchen knife."


did anyone else have a clear name that popped into their heads when they read this? i sure did. i'm not sure if i'm willing to report my hunch, but i'll mull it over today.

(she's not dangerous, i don't think. just crazy. and she's not connected to any of the people protesting by writing letters, btw.)

let's just say that she has a habit of posting messages/threats on doors.

so now i'm in a quandary. is it important to report hunches, when you think it's very very likely, based on what you know about the person, that they're the party responsible? even if you're pretty damned sure ...

okay, i don't know her well enough (at all) to know if she's a danger to anyone. i just hate to screw with someone's life based on a hunch.

well dont d oit publicly. If you really think you know talk with th epolice.

Personally while I hate the idea of the Norshore going GIRL GIRLS GIRLS, I also think attacking the Wabasha is extream.

Incidently turning the 'Shore into a strip club is just plain stupid. Can you imagine heating that place sufficient for nude people in the Winter? Heck it's pretty chilly in there most of the year.

might be time to burn it down and collect the insurance $

damn sticky space b a r

See www.ericringsred.com for his position on the nudie girl scuttlebutt.

Tamara and I are under the presumption that this is the third wave in a pissing match between Ringsred and everyone else.

The first salvo was fired by the DNT three weeks ago with its article on the NorShor...the second was Ringsred's "Nudie Bar" Retaliation...which brings us to the current salvo, which opens up the skirmish on more than one front by taking it to Ringsed's new partner in this Burlesque Venture...

For the love of christ, he's discovered the Internet.

HBH: Don't go there. If that's the case, it'll all work itself out. No need to toss yourself in front of a crazy train.

I think Ringsred is going with this plan as a way to call attention to the problem at hand. Now the community is up in arms over the opening of the adult theater and people are actually paying attention to the Norshor again.

Otherwise...it just sits vacant with the occasional band playing or hot dog stand being put in.

I think he wants someone to buy the damn thing so he can be rid of it. BUT they need to have a plan that will preserve its charm and not divide it up into 10 areas.

Maybe the city should buy it instead of pumping $$ into the aquarium. Or maybe money should be set aside from the DECC expansion to purchase and renovate the theater and turn it over to a non profit such as ArtSpace.

Come on City Council. Quit thinking about hiring lawyers to look into the mayor and get a deal done on this.

Time is a wasting as downtown Duluth will turn into Canal Park and we all will be pissed and looking for someone to blame.

The clock is ticking........

Concerning the wabashaw, I've seen lots of stuff stuck to things . But never knifes.

As he points out, he's had 24 years to call attention to or get someone to buy the damn thing.

Maybe he's sick of the hassle or a business partner blocked certain sales or proposals.

did the knife smell like a hot dog???

It smelled like a weenie.. a very fast one

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