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PDD is 3!


Tomorrow is the 3rd anniversary of the first post to Perfect Duluth Day. So let's have a little gathering on Saturday. I'm thinking an outdoor affair in the late afternoon/early evening. Maybe Leif Erickson Park on the stage? Frisbee, Croquet, Jarts? Whatever you folks wanna do is cool by me. The weather looks like it will cooperate so let's have some fun in the real world.

RSVP in the comments.


I call no cake this year. And no singing. And no press photographers.

We should play trench.

John, Lilo and I will be there. It will be fun to meet people that I only know through posts.

Ezra, Hazel and I will be there *and* we'll bring our bocce set. How about a watermelon seed spittin' contest?

i dunno about bocce...does anyone have a set of Jarts? yeah, i know they're illegal nowadays. i'd ba down for a game of badminton, if i only could find my shuttlecock.

I think I may be super busy on Saturday, but I'll try to do a drive-by and stop in.

LP & I will most-likely be there. Appox. what time?

I'm in. I'll be bringing my invalid father and my four nieces and nephews. Get ready. Does anyone have a wicker wheelchair and small plaid blanket I could borrow?

Secret Garden here we come.

What happened to Jerree (Gerry?)Small Sr.? Since he fixed my exhaust system with a hanger and duct tape, I'm trying to imagine the contraption he's hopping/rolling/flying around in.

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