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Out of the Hat Location Changed

Out of the Hat 7 Email DECC.jpg
Unfortunately due to a hold up in getting the zoning for the performance space changed, Out of the Hat will be performed at Paulucci Hall in the DECC. Yeah. Meh. But there it is.



sorry but it just really annoys me when companies publish promotional materials with glaring typos. especially companies i'm associated with.


I don't want to start a grammatical war, but if the word had been capitalized it would have been much more appropriate than 'alot' or even 'a lot'.

'alot' is not a word.

'a lot' contains a referral to a 'a large parcel of land' or 'a large extent or number'. Because 8 is not, technically, a large number we should be saying 'ALOT of theatre'. ALOT is short hand for 'Allotment'...which is certainly what we are getting.

This is alot of hoopdedoo 'bout nuthin'.
Just come see the show! Or come write or act or direct. We'd love to have you take part.

By the by, my graphic artist actually changed my text. It should have read "That's an assload of theater" but the Norshor has the copyright on that phrase.....

Do we actually need to be actors in order to participate, or do we only need the ablilty to stand up and say "Is THIS a knife I see before me??!??!!" (No, it's a carrot, you twit.)

Desirable attributes in a Hat actor:

1) Punctuality.
2) Can memorize lines quickly.
3) Shows up on time.
4) Can learn blocking the first time, even when it's not the blocking we eventually use.
5) Timeliness.
6) Sense of humor under enormous pressure.
7) Doesn't crack under pressure.
8) Can convincingly make do with less than adequate, but it's the best we can do at the moment, props and set.
9) Isn't late.
10) Can say "monkeypants" with a straight face.

Jean Sramek wrote a great column about why she takes part in Hat. It is on the mnartists.org website. Check it out then check the shows out next weekend.

Desirable attributes in any Hat participant? I believe it was Yoda who said: "Time, you must be on."

the DECC is like a strange island of ... concreat and isolation

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