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My summer just got better!

I was at the airport yesterday to pick up an out of town guest. As I waited, I saw that huge black stretch humvee sitting at the main door. To myself, I said "hmmm, what loosers have ordered that thing?" Oviously something related to Las Vegas..but no! As we pulled away I saw a camera crew and then to my suprise...several older little people posing for cameras before climbing (with assistance) into the back of the hideous gas belching cheney mobile. After some conversation, Patrice's mom hit it...They were MUNCHKINS going to Grand Rapids for Judy Garland days....I saw a MUNCHKIN!!!! Number 12 has been scratched off my list.munchkin.jpg


Crazy! That would just be surreal to see *actual* munchkins show up out of nowhere.

Whoa, neato!

I've never seen a munchkin, but I did see one of the original Oompa Loompas at a freak show in Coney Island.

That's funny, because a friend's godmother was crushed by a house.


she was a mean witch anyway.

Wow!! Too cool. I am so jealous.

Oompa Loompi sightings are as rare as munchkin sightings...and as cool. Now this brings up the question...Are they related? Do they inter-breed? MunchLoompa, Oompakin ... hmmm this sounds like an opportunity for serious fan fiction

Munchkin-Oompa Loompa-interbreeding fan fiction = the mind BOGGLES.

i heard someplace that munchkins taste like chicken, while oompaloompas taste like pork.

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