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First came the yurt. Now comes the Uni-Pod™. "Upstairs" will be a one-person sleeping loft. The big tank on the side collects rainwater from the roof (re-used shingles from Common Grounds). We maximixed southern exposure for future attached Mini-Greenhouse with Mini-Wrap-Around-Deck. Designed for the Mini-Lifestyle. Future plans include solar energy, greywater recycling, composting and long moments of silence.




Is it complete? Will there be walls and insulation and such?

Yup, walls, insulation, windows, door, etc. We hope to use mostly re-used materials for here on out.

It looks really cool! :)

How are you going to manage the greywater recycling?

Wow,thats fantastic!will it be year around?

The wife wants to know where to get plans...

mr. carious...

you should drop by the roasterie...we've got a bunch of stuff you can make use of...chaff for compost toilets (if you're going that route) and compost bins...bags and other good stuff to make your garden (if you have one) go...

Will you have a home theater in the basement?

Plans? That's a good one!

Home theater? The stars!

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