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Lube Kickoff


Duluth-Superior's GLBTAQI Pride hosts their summer kickoff Saturday at the Main Club.

Lube wrestling. Free-for-all (registration required) real lube, lube wrestling. This is potentially even better than Mexican wrestling and ladies' wrestling combined.

Saturday, June 03 * The Main Club * 9pm (reg. at 8pm) * $5 * 21+


Duluth-Superior Pride Supplemental we're sending down to TC Pride available here.


I? We've added a new letter?

First it was "gay" and then it was "gay and lesbian" because people thought gay was a guy thang then the bisexuals wanted recognition and then the transgendered and pretty soon we have alphabet soup. Let's just throw on some addtional letters just to keep 'em guessing. Sheesh!

So what the heck is the "I" for? I missed that memo.

Intersexed, meaning not fitting completly into male or female.
The whole shebang is: Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender/Allies/Queer/Intersexed


You said "shebang."


Serious question: How is "intersexed" different from bisexual or transgendered?

I'm curious. No, not in that way. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Intersexuals are people born physically between the male and female genders with anatomy that is either ambiguous or comprised of varying degrees of both male and female anatomy

Oh. Wow. Ok, thanks.

So... with the addition of Allies this lettering essentially means anyone who is not a "straight" bigoted bastard?
I knew about intersexed, but is Queer redundant? Or is it suppose to encompass more than already covered?

Queer can mean a whole lotta things, depending on the person. lots (of the young, especially) don't see themselves on that binary line of gay/lesbian-bisexual-straight. and of course lots of older gays and lesbians don't appreciate the use of that word.

I don't appreciate the misuse of the word binary.

Sorry, just getting ready for the spelling bee.

ohhh..I thought it said "Lub Kickoff" for a minute there I had a flashback to being in Subic City walking down Magsaysay Blvd or Olongapo Rd...wierd...

"Ohh Saylah boy...Me lub you long time..."

the gays loved it at the meeting last nite. my fav is the seagull mowing the corndog. 2nd is the lady with the flag.

you're right Barrett. what i meant to say was "linear".

linear, vs freeform?

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