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It goes well...

You really should be eating here...

If you haven't already.

(I wish I had a photo to stick here, but alas...)

Tamara and I spend a bit of time here and we find more to like about the place each time we go. The gelatto is excellent, and for lunch/dinner, there is a plethora of freshly made sauces and pastas, cheeses, fresh veggies, breads and...if you're into it...meats. The food's to die for, and the price fits easily into pretty much any budget.

I'd suggest the Prosciutto pear and honey goat milk panini for starters...


The foods pretty good, not fun if it's busy so slow times are best, it's the first time I've had gelatto so can't compare it to any other, a friend who's spent time in Italy says it's average gelatto, but I guess average gelatto is better than no gelatto at all

Who cares how the gelatto in Duluth compares to the gelatto in Italy? What matters is whether or not the food at hand tastes good. Apparantly, it does. Thanks for the tip, in.dog.neato, I'll definitely check this place out.

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