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If I hear that stupid song one more time...


It's safe to say that during the 40 hour workweek, I listen to a bit of commercial radio...partly because NPR/WPR gets pretty damned boring after six hours of talk.

Hence, I've been thinking:
We all have that song...the one that gets stuck in our heads for days on end, the one that causes us to lose sleep...like so many neighbors and their accordian orchestras.

I have a running list, and surprisingly there are no songs by Journey on it.

What's on your most annoying song list?

Mine? I'll spare you the Long List and fess up with a five song sample...would that count as a "Songs I Loathe" EP?

1.) That song by Blues Traveller. I don't know the name but it completely decalcifies my spinal column and I crumple to the floor whimpering and pleading for someone to turn the station, or at least dismantle the radio. The harmonica, as John Popper plays it, should NEVER be used as a lead insturment. EVER.

2.) As sad as it is for me to admit...Comfortably Numb, Hey You, Another Brick In The Wall, and Run Like Hell...Floyd tunes shouldn't get airplay unless the station runs the entire album.

3.) The Friends theme song. I'm sorry, but you're a putz and I WON'T be there for you. Okay, it's not a radio tune, but it does annoy me.

4.) Clapton's version of I Shot The Sherriff. Give it up, man!

5.) Pinball Wizard...the eighteenth time through. Don't get me wrong, I love The Who. But there are so many other great Who songs out there...Play Mama's Got A Squeezebox for a change.

there's mine...


Kokomo by the Beach Boys. That song sticks in my head like a giant tumor.

ROCK LOBSTER by the B-52s! Ever since Peter Griffin sang it on The Family Guy, I hum it through the grocery aisles and it takes days to erase.

Just now, because I am typing it...oh balls.

A great many songs stick in my head. I listen to MPR almost 24/7 for that reason. When I DO find a song getting stuck, though, I tend to apply one of three other songs. These are all 'sticky' songs, but I don't mind them so much. They are always good to replace what ails me:

1) Anything by "Spider" John Koerner. This is a bit like the yearly flu virus - I have to keep trying until I find the song that works. If nothing does, then:

2) "Safety Dance" ...Kind of like a strong emetic. Certain to banish the evils. After all, "we can dance if we want to..."

3) "Dancin' Queen" The radiation therapy of sticky songs. The cure is *almost* worse than the disease, but you try telling that to thirty hours of "Had a bad day..."

After reading these posts my wife would like me to point out that she had "Tom's Diner" in her head from early High School until she graduated from college.

In fact, as we were sitting here she said, "There was this truly horrible one in school. It went 'Duh, Duh, duhduhduh...something...'"

And I said, "Oh! You mean 'Duh, Duh, Duhduh, Duh, duh, Duhduh...Duh, Duh, Duh, DuhdatDhu, duh'...That's 'Tom's Diner'.

And she said, "Oh...my...God..." and left the room.

Awhile back on my site I wrote about "Runaway Train" by Soul Asylum. It gets heavy rotation and it's possibly my most hated song ever.

NPR is no escape for me, because one truly annoying piece of music on NPR is the theme song to "All Things Considered." Those horns, man. They torture me. I've angrily switched stations dozens of times because I couldn't take the assault of those horns.

I refuse to think of any catchy songs... but I do find a good blast of certain Randy Newman songs tend to clear out the offenders


I've found that a lengthy round of polka will pretty much clear out and/or annoy anyone within earshot. I used to sound reville to the college kids who used to live next door, after they'd kept me up til three with their lame-ass house music blaring parties, to me on 4th st. by playing Deeper Polka at volume. Then, just to rub salt into the wound, I'd crank up the lawn mower and leave it running between the two houses. I found nothing aggrivates a hangover like a lawnmower at 7 a.m.

Anytime I get something stuck in my head, I try to think of the beginning of Offspring's "Self Esteeme". It's sticky enough to clear anything else out of your head, but I don't know the rest of the song, so it can't hang around.

Arrowhead Auto Body---dont just call anybody

i was in menards twice this weekend.

Hey, in.dog, I like polka! Any time you want to play polka here at home, go right ahead! It's time we taught Hazel how to polka anyway... ;) Her grandparents were the polka champions of Wisconsin so she has some big shoes to fill!

I would have to say thought that for songs that get stuck in my head, the "Too Fat Polka" gets there a lot. I like that song, though, so it's not really annoying.

Hmm... annoying tunes... "Fire On the Mountain" by the Grateful Dead, "Que Sera Sera" as sung by Doris Day, Mozart's Piano Sonata in C Major (K525), the Smurfs' theme song (la la lalalala la la lala laaaa...) and the "Robin laid an egg" version of Jingle Bells.


Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree

how can you forget lets get physical by olivia newton john perhaps the most annoying repetative song ever written. or whip it by devo.

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