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I made a movie in 48 hours

This evening at 7pm, at the Riverview Theater in Minneapolis, I will be attending a screening of the short film I made for the 48 hour film contest.

Here are all the reasons you should show up:
1) The film turned out really well. It's called "Conversion Van" and it's about a guy who's trying to rescue his girlfriend from a suicide cult somewhere outside of Duluth, Minnesota.
2) As far as I know, it's the only film in the contest that was made in Duluth.
3) We need people to show up and support our film. If it gets enough votes, it could win an audience award.
4) What else could you possibly have to do on a Tuesday night at 7pm?

Hope to see you there. And please bring friends. And spread the word. And be good.


Congrats! Wish I could be there, but I'll send happy thoughts your way.

Can we get a PDD special Duluth screening?

I think it's funny that so many times when someone posts about an event, the only people who comment are the ones who aren't going.

No judgement, just observing.

This sounds awesome, by the way. It's a shame I can't attend...

I went. I'll comment.

It was pretty damn awesome. Packed house, and that was the first of I think six screenings. There were about 60 total movie crews. (Each team gets assigned a night when their movie is screened)

Aside from some technical difficulties in the projection, the quality of the movies was pretty amazing. Mr. Scholtz did a truly lovely job on his film.

He should YouTube it.
Or screen it at the Free Range Film Fest. Or send us all DVD copies. Or at least drop one off for me.
I want one of those shirts too, dammit. (Even if it's one that Jeff R sweated up.)

Sounds like a neat event. I vote for a local screening too.

Nice reporting, clumsy.

make it part of the next movie in the park event.

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