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ark_2.jpgOk DANGNABIT! I'm tired of people calling me and saying...OOOOO Baci has a minivan...like it's some friggan sign that I've become something other than what I am. I'm proud to say it...I have a MINIVAN...it's called ARK3...And I have a talking chimp and a jet pack. So get you post-apochalyptic, pre-madmax fur wearin hippy ass out of my way I gotta get lil' l to daycare. BTW Clumsy and I had this idea...how about an Urban Family Vehical Road Rally where you have to race your minivan or subaru or scion (scion?) areound compeleting urban family objectives REAL FAST...get corp sponsorships and espn involved...someone call gartman on this...


ain't no big thing. as i said when i bought ours: i can't afford a hippie van and all its repairs, so think of it as a poorman's VW bus. besides, i gotta have something i can sleep in when i go cross-country by myself.

now, it's our only vehicle.

i loved ARKII, BTW. great show.

Ark II!!! Thank you thank you thank you. I talk about this show and people look at me like I just beamed in from a parallel universe. I'm glad to know somebody still remembers this 70's classic.

Right on. I roll a minivan and I don't even have wee-uns. It may have 175K on it's 4 cylinder heart, but it's the Toyota of minivans. It should get me through the mad max dystopian future just fine. I have installed special racks for fur-clad street children to cling to.

I've got big plans for a custom airbrushed mural- cobras and neked ladies no doubt. With a canvas this big why limit yourself? And besides, who would want to live in a Ford Taurus down by the river?

Now if I could only fuel my dream machine with pine cones and dog droppings. Then I'd be all set. I would say I'd like a trained monkey chauffeur, but everyone knows chimpanzees are more trouble than they're worth.

Those futuristic jumpsuits don't look that comfortable in the desert heat.

hey now...don't be dissin the jumpsuits...i gotsta get me one o them for goin out on the town.

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