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Great, Now Let's Make the Zombies Angry...


Now on sale here.


Yawn. Seriously.
I think this just come over as pretty whiny in the scheme of things if it is about the resistance to having a titty bar downtown, somehow I doubt that would have been the money making scheme to save the 'shore (which I'm all for).

I don't know Eric, and suspect he is a stand up guy in general, but -1 for tactics.

Punctuation is weird on that shirt as well, and if I notice it, it must be horribly out of whack.

Relatively recent transplants probably won't get the joke -- the shirt's a parody of "We're Duluth. And proud of it!" which was an ad campaign back in the 1980s.

This shirt has nothing to do with the recent fight over the Norshor, as I noticed them cranking them out at Bullseye quite a long time ago.

ah... well guess I'm a silly bint. 10+ years and still ignorant. Gives me something to strive for I guess

A seagull pooped on my shirt at Burger King once.

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