First Herb... Now Bill... Who's Next?


Yesterday Herb Bergson announced that he would not be running again for mayor in 2008. Today Bill Gates said he was stepping down as CEO of Microsoft in 2008. So, knowing these things run in threes, who's next? Does anyone have any abdications of power in 2008 they need to get off their chests? Or who do you suspect will be next to say, "Come 2008, I'm outta here."


the onvious and snarky answer is George Bush...
But on a serious note, hummm.

obvious even

Even more snarky would be suggesting that Fidel Castro will step down in 2008 indicating that, with George Bush no longer in office, the U.S. "is not anymore such a great evil".

"I think that for a few more years I will figure as the leader of the party. If I were to say that I didn't want that, people would think I was crazy. I believe that all of us ought to retire relatively young.

But perhaps I will fall into the habit that comes to all of us, of thinking that the younger generation is bungling everything. That is a mania characteristic of all old people—but I'm going to try to remain alert against it."

—Fidel Castro, 1967 Playboy Interview


Well, while it would be nice if George would leave office early (his term is officially up in January of 2009) that would leave us with Dick "Shoot 'em Up" Cheney for the balance. Yippee.

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