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Duluth Woman's Soccer League.

Duluth's first adult women's soccer league will be having their first game this Thursday, June 22nd at Public Schools Stadium , 4405 W. 4th Street, at 6:15pm. The teams are sponsered by Carmody's and Sir Benedicts Tavern on the Lake. Come and support and cheer them on.


With that sponsorship would that mean that you will be fielding the Irish team against the Brits? Just want to know what flags to bring.

Since there isn't a "Brit" team, as such, you should be wondering if you should be bringing a flag of Wales, an England flag, a Scotland flag, or a Northern Ireland flag... or perhaps as Sweedish flag.

Well, what nationality is Sir Ben's, then? They fly the Union Jack so I'm supposing it includes all of Britain.

No, actually. The Union Jack is the standard for "the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland." It incoporates elements of Scotland's St. Andrews Cross, North Ireland's St. Patrick's Cross, and the Cross of St. George for England. The flag of Wales gets mentioned in Radio KAOS (A blood red dragon in a field of green). Also, Never, refer to Scotland or the Scots as being "North Britain" or "North Britons," they hate that. And now that they have a parliment that matters... they hate it even more... and rightly so.

So, to fly the Union Jack against the Irish Tricolors (Republic of Ireland) would be to presume that Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland are all in it together. Though politically, Wales has remained publically deferential to the matters of Irish independence, and the have Scots not.

Considering the Olympics, however, there is a UK-GBR team, which would be represented by the Union Jack... and the Commonwealth Games... but that's an entirely different mess.

Addendum: I'm still planning on going to see the match on Thursday. Anyone else? Who's in?

Okay, thanks for the clarification, but you still didn't answer my question. What flag does one fly for the Sir Ben's team? If not the Union Jack, what?

With five to choose from... the Isle's your oyster (so to speak).

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