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Dalai Lama Honors Comic Book!

The Dalai Lama will be presenting the Truth of Light award to Tintin for the comic "Tintin in Tibet".


I remember when His Holiness came to Minneapolis a few years back...Mpls' mayor (then Sharon Sayles-Belton) asked him what made him happy...to which he replied:
"If you smile at me, then I am happy."

On another note, I've read TinTin comix before...I'll have to look for this one...

TinTin was my favorite comic as a boy. They where nice and long. This guy has a simular style.

I love Bee!

Wish it was updated more often

Supposidly he's done with all of his art shows, so he'll have time for more regular updates.

the idea of 3d comics is cool

Bee rocks!

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