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Bars/Restaurants near Lake Superior

I'm attempting to make a list of places to drink and/or eat around Duluth that are very near Lake Superior. Anywhere that simply depends on the LAKE as their main draw/attraction which pulls in tourists/customers.

So far, my list goes:
Fitgers Brewhouse
Baja Billy's
Hacienda del Sol
Sir Benedicts
Little Angies
Nokomis (N Shore)
The Rustic Inn (N Shore)
Betty's Pies (N Shore)
Vanilla Bean (Two Harbors)
Perkins (Superior)
Barkers Island (Superior)
Boat House (Superior)

Just an experiment. Any help from PDDers would be appreciated!


again...ther's our fave right now...

va bene'

this is tamara posting as in.dog, but he forgot to mention the Scenic Cafe, Blackwoods on London Rd, Perkins (also on London Road) and Perkins in Superior.

Lakeview Cafe
Portland Malt Shop
New Scenic Cafe (Shore)
Emily's (Knife River)
Perkins (London Road)

Depending on your criteria, I'm not sure the Vanilla Bean belongs on that list as it doesn't have a lake view. It has a lot of tourists come through, but they don't come there to see the lake.

For that matter, perhaps the Hacienda del Sol and Fitger's Brewhouse don't belong on the list for the same reason.

Carmody's has a nice lake view from the kissing room.

What's that place in Canal park, Crabby Bill's? It's in the old boat.

At Sara's Table has a deck I thinkyou can see the lake by, not sure if it's close enough. And if yer counting restaurants in Canal Park, there's a slew you didn't count, Dairy Queen, Famious Dave's, Old Chicago, Green Mill, Subway, Amazing Grace, the Asian place in De'Wits, ... Then there are the varrious train rides that serve food/drink, and the Vista cruises that do... the list is pretty big, but I'm stopping now.


Vista Boats relies pretty heavily on the lake for their dinner-boat traffic.

Also, can anyone think of a good way for me to let Va Bene know that their foccacia is WAYWAYWAY oversalted(in the actual bread batter)? I mean WAY. I mean Salt Lick. Great Bread has the same problem, too. Any suggstions?

One of my favorites is the Lake Avenue Cafe. Doesn't it exist anymore? Maybe it doesn't have a view?? But I love that place. Shoot me if you ever see me walking into anything Grandma's related, please.

Let the self promotion begin! I am happy to announce that this fall I, Vicarious and my partner Derek Snyder, will be opening a new restaurant next to to Fetus Vinyl Room. It will be called The Lake Effect, and will serve Old World, high-quality (local, organic when possible) French and Italian fare with a modern, regional flair. Our chef is coing from Portland, our wines from Italy and France, and our desserts from heaven. We will have a small bar with 8 barstools and 15-18 tables, plus outdoor HEATED seating. Stay Tuned!

everytime it rains, it rains desserts from heaven...

You could email Va Bene by going to their website:

Do we really need more italian food in this town? Don't other countries make food?

Will someone please start a ramen shop? I'm not talking Maruchan.

I've long thought we needed two things, a good noodle/sushi place and a Fish and Chips joint

Yes. I agree on both counts.

And weren't we supposed to get a Chipotle up here?

Personally, I'm holding out for a good garbanzo gazpatcho foccacia prosciutto bruschetta chutney antipasto pesto place with a good davenport in the credenza, gazebo, or veranda.

few things:

nice list btw.

I've heard there is a new sushi place just opened by *gasp* someone japanese.

Lake Avenue cafe doesn't have a lake view, does still exist, and is awesome.

Chipotle is good, but then again it is owed by McDonalds.

I think Blackwoods (26th E?)has a nice lake view.

"Crabby Bill's? It's in the old boat." This comment reminded me of a Schiff's Kniepe that I went to in Potsdam outside of Berlin. It was seriously a bar inside of a ship. It would rock, and in fact I think mostly it was Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley songs. I remember getting back on land and feeling kinda weird to be on solid ground. It was packed!


Japanese sushi place? Really? Give details!

Amazing grace café almost has a lake view from the patio plus maybe some of Duluths best sandwiches and baked goods. I must also agree that Duluth needs a really good (or at least one) fish and chip place. When I lived around Cleveland on lake Erie their were a ton of fish and chip places

When I was in Toronto last year they had a great hole-in-the-wall fish and chips place called Chippys, semi-surly staff punk rock music on loud and great food, mmm

I'd love to see an around-the-world type of restaurant, similar to the one in Washburn (that's now closed.) It served a different type of ethnic cuisine every week. And the food was good.

technically, too, the China Cafe, Beijing Cafe, KFC, Wendy's, BK, McDonalds, Taco John, Pizza Hut, the Hot Dog place at the ICO on London Road - all of those have lake views... the Pepsi Shack out on Park Point has a lake view....

for ironic1:

Zen House
4147 Haines Rd
Hermantown, MN 55811 - 3942
(218) 722-9365

okay. I've not been there yet, but I plan to. I called them and they said they have sushi. I asked, "like with real fish", "yes", and then I said, "like not smoked fish, fresh fish", "yes".

They are open until 9pm tonight. I'm thinking I may go there after work this afternoon.

okay. I got more information. It is actually part of the ICO. You can only get to it in the back by the carwash.

A friend of mine went in there and he said he saw what looked like a taco-bell looking kitchen with two young teenagers and an old fat guy. white. Ok ok, I'm not racist or anything, but particular about my ethnic food. There is much to authenticity.

Also he said that there is never anyone there, and they wouldn't tell him where they get their fish.

These things are all disconcerting, but now for sure I will go tonight and get a roll and some seaweed. Let's hope they have seaweed. Sakana *never* had seaweed.

Italian sushi, coming soon.

Deep fried Italian sushi

Deep fried Italian sushi with extra cheese.

Deep fried italian sushi...on a stick. i heard you can get it at the State Fair this year.

xnia on the gkissina mrooa.

New sushi at... Norm's Beer & Brats (and Sushi), apparently.

On the Norm's sushi tip: Sakana has closed and reopened upstairs of Norm's.

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