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back in miny soda

here I am back in minnesota. two grueling years in madison and now relocated to the twin cities. it's good to be back. especially since i'm now within driving distance for a day trip to duluth and the lake i miss so much. if you've ever moved away from duluth, you know what i mean. that thing weighs you down greater than an anchor burger (btw, great pic of you cramming your face w/ a burger lundgren)

on a differnt matter, have any of you geeks seen this? i just found out about it and will be adding it to my netflix soon.

why do i have the feeling this is baci's idea of porn.


nice to have you back enealio --the lucky kids at HCIS have to watch the theremin movie in music class...raise them experinmentalists early! BTW here's my latest porn

All I can say is WOW.

If you visit the Pavek Museum of Broadcasting in St. Louis Park, they have a working Theremin. If you're a small group (2 or 3 tops) they will probably let you play it. They let me. Won't hurt to ask. They have this poster on the wall just above it.

Theremin's are cool. My two fav. theremin moments are 1) the Hitchcock movie Spellbound (which Dali helped do a dream sequence)has theremin music. 2) Tom Waits uses a theremin in a version of Little Drop of Poison thats pretty damn cool.

I briefly fooled around with Christian's, and it's v. cool.

here is one of the many places that sell kits to make your own.

The theremin was also used in the classic THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL. A couple years ago, Simon & Garfunkle played at the Excel Center in St. Paul and used one during the song THE BOXER. The Beach Boys used one on GOOD VIBRATIONS. There's also a theremin at the Bakken museum in Minneapolis (located on Zenith Ave. at the southwest corner of Lake Calhoun) that you can play. At least there was last time I was there.

Another reason that Duluth is our wonderful secret...Tim Kaiser is one of the country's leading theramin builders. Getting on his todo list is on my todo list

If you haven't seen the Theremin film, Jerry Lewis (The Delicate Delinquent. 1955) and the Brian Wilson interview are two hysterical highlights. Plus, an unbelievable surprise at the end.

I have two theremins. One beauty built by Tim Kaiser and another built by some guy in New York (I bought it six years ago I forget who). One of these days I plan to pick up an Etherwave (Moog) theremin which is the tops these days. If anyone is interested in building your own theremin, I suggest you do. It's a little tricky, but if you know how to solder (even horribly like me) you can do it with a bit of patience. It is by far one of the strangest instrument(s) I own. Kids and pet birds love them. Housecats go crazy. I have the theremin movie if anyone would like to borrow it (it's on VHS, though). Let me know if so!

Christian...why do I get the idea that your house would be a place I could get blissfully lost in and never want to leave? I could spend days playing around with all of your toys...of course Tamara and work might have a few things to say about the subject...

one of the coolest things, imo, to be found in said house is the fascinating Optigan. A world unto itself

I watched Theremin for a class a few years ago. The Brian Wilson clips really are a kick. (The makings of a drinking game, if I remember right.)

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