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And now the 'Toga?

Not the Toga!
Just heard it from Denny Anderson's heavily furred lips: according to Bryan Brown (Duluth City Attorney) the Club Saratoga is going to have to close down because of some new Minnesota law that requires adult business to be no closer than 500 feet to a home.

Now, I love a good conspiracy theory as much as the next person so I can't be the only person thinking that if Ringsred hadn't allegedly thumbed his nose at the city via the 'Shor, the 'Toga and the Wabasha would not be in danger... anyone else want to join me on this crazy train of thought?


Ringsred's 'Vegas of the Northland' sure was shortlived.

Somehow I think Superior will pick up the slack. Nature abhors a vacuum.

I expect many fascinating developments will be coming to light soon. See www.ericringsred.com for the doc's take on things.

The timing of the NorShor event was an effort on their part to get grandfathered in before this new law took effect. Whether thats the same law being used against Wabasha and Saratoga I don't know.

The City would have you believe that the timing of the Wabasha closing is strictly a coincidence with the NorShor and that Wabasha knew it was coming.

Seems the City forgets its own role in getting the Wabasha to its current location when the tech village went up. Ironic to say the least.

Curious thats Ringsred's life was threatened on that note knifed to the door yet the police never contacted him about it. Just interesting.

The degree to which Eric was thumbing his nose is a matter of debate.

The whole conversation seems to have degenerated to who has the moral high ground and who is the bigger hypocrite. Personally, based on the NorShor Cabaret section of Ericringsred.com, I think Eric is totally within his rights to have nudie dancers at the Shor. And if the debate is over the fate of downtown, so far Eric's critique on his new website is unrefuted.

Thats all I got.

The DNT editorial staff agrees with Tamara's theory.

Seriously, though, I'm less concerned with this law in particular, and more concerned with our society's demonizing of sexuality of any kind. I mean, if you don't like the idea of women dancing naked, you could, you know, not go...

true...you could...just not go...but...

along with the demonizing of sexuality, there is a large portion of society who feel that the rest of us are too ignorant to do something so simple as to...choose...whether or not to patronize such establishments...or do anything else which they may deem as being immoral, offensive, or unacceptable for that matter, so they make laws.

I understand the underlying need for these things but...
As far as I'm concerned, my Mom lives in Texas and feels that I'm old enough to make my own decisions.

Not that I'd go into a place like the NorShor's most recent incarnation. I'm sure it'll be a *class* joint, but...Frankly, after Bangkok, everything else is a bit...tame.

Still think it'd be too chilly to be a good strip club

I think there's a lot of people who are just upset at the idea of another strip club downtown, but there are others who are just upset that the NorShor is being used for it.

too chilly, edgewood?

I'm thinking that the cooler temps in the main room would keep the high beams on...

Isn't the toga being closed over a new state law? If so, then it would have nothing to do with the NorShore (unless Ringsred also pissed off Pawlenty...)

Ringsred timed his event to try and get in under the wire of the new law.

The law will be challenged on constitutional grounds, see yesterdays Trib.

Perhaps Ringsred's actions means the City will be less lenient than the law allows them to be because of the outcry but that does'nt make the law any more constitutional. People did know it was coming, which undermines the conspiracy theory that the Toga is payback for the Norshor.

It could also be perceived as Ringsred throwing his hat into the ring of a constitutional fight he knew was coming.

Its being fought by a big time lobbyist in the Cities. The law basically makes it impossible for any adult entertainment to exist anywhere in the state.


Keep an eye on the nudie bar, swervy purvy, escaped pedophile, sex-crazed kids, moral corruptin' and obtuse queer marriage bashin' angles for the next few months as the pot gets stirrred up just in time for fall.

...and this constitutional fight'll help pay for fixing the roof, right?

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