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I was watching the Sweeden-Paraguay match today and it occured to me that it might be cool to go out and do this kind of thing. Are there any particular sports-bars/hangouts where people watch the World Cup in Duluth? The more the merrier when it comes to frenzied shouting, and there are some interesting matchs coming this week with England-Sweeden, Ecuador-Germany, and US-Italy.


i am very not a sport watching person, but I do love me some world cup, and would be up to watching any game in a suitable environ. Especially as it gets closer to the finals. Going to be out of town this weekend then all of next, but by then things will be interesting. Keep me posted if something devellops.

My money is on a Germany/Brazil final match up. I was rooting for Trin/Tob against England earlier as they managed to hold it scoreless till around the 83rd Min, which considering how much a powerhouse England is, and Trinadad/Tobago is not was moderatly impressive.
Ecuador-Germany should be fun as Ecuador has been surprising. Italy most likely will win over the US.

With the matches starting finishing early, it's hard to throw something like this together. Though I've found that meeting at the end of the (CDT) day to talk about the matches over a pint or two isn't all that bad.

And, yes... Come on, England!

Errata: there should be an "and" or "/" between "starting" and "finishing." Yeah... like that.

SwEEden ... huh? I must ask -- why the double e?

Also, because this has always bugged me: Can someone explain why we call the country "Sweden," while those that live there call it "Sverige" (roughly pronounced "Svear-yay")? Likewise, Germany/Deutschland, et al.?

It's really an Acronym. "Swedish Workers Extremly Excellent and Devoutly Emancipated Nation"

Anyway, linguistics are hard. That being said, I'd rather let "not Cecil" explain. http://www.straightdope.com/classics/a2_162.html

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