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Come Join the Fun in Downtown Duluth


(...a little something for C-freak to make you laugh and brighten your day.)

We are located in the heart of downtown Duluth. If you are looking for a good time with a new crowd come and join our family.

Holy eff, is that... a Kozy Cam!?


You have got to be kidding me...

Say, I think a PDD Jaunt is in order to see how many of us can get on the Kozy's webcam at various times...

Think of it as running the gauntlet, Kozy-style.

What do you think?

I. Am. So. There.

Screw going to work tomorrow...I'm gonna get my drink on!

Bonus bucks to the clever nerd who can track down this errant live Kozy Cam feed...

I don't think it's a webcam. Those are just stills from the security cam.

thanks adam! diane seved me & foggy one morning. i tried to get the keepaways to go there with me one night but they were chicken. punk rawk my ass!

That is the *worst* website in the world - they don't know crap about optimizing images for quick loads.

Well, it is the Cozy. Personally I think this place is more of a contender for worst site in the world (from a design standpoint)

St. G and I were talking about how crappy the Kozy website was:
Me: I sent them an email telling then that there website sucked and they needed to optimize the images.
St. G: You should have just written it with a bunch of cutout letters and stuck it to their door with a kitchen knife.

perhaps thats a meta idea, a bad site devoted to reviewing bad sites



"And this is Pastor Hary, bring The Word to you on this fine Doomsday drivetime morning on AM666 Doomsday Radio. Traffic sponsored by Big Abe's Auto Glass. I94 into Minneapolis is backed up to nearly Coon Rapids due to the rivers of blood unleashed upon thine heathen masses, and E394 is stop-and-go with the Mall of America having been rent asunder and hordes of locusts spewing forth to bring forth His bidding and spread hellfire throughout the land. Big Abe can fix your crack.

Weather later on for Doomsday calls for Blood red moon, blood rain and 1,000 years of burning, punishment and eventual rapture.

Now lets get back to it, with some BTO."

Got to love the classy "wine glass and grapes" motif at the top.

"The Kozy -- y'know, that quaint little wine bar on First and Second East ..."

umm...c-freak...i believe it was Jess and I that were too chicken to go inside while you and foggy hit it up for a PBR...

of course there could be other instances where you've tried to coerce other innocent folks to brave the Kozy...

oooh that's right! you were there too on that wild morning! now we're old & boring. didn't we alomost run over someone with a cane?

i sense a story that i need to know so i can tell Hazel when she's older and we can laugh at Daddy in his wild days... running over people with canes? call me.

i don't remember a cane, i do remember a Black Crowes impersonation, the Kozy Incident, and a few shenanigans with a shopping cart at Target...did we go to the mall at some point?

omg! we did! i forgot about target. i guess jess realy needed that issac mirachi? outfit!

that's Issac Maharaji...

i need to borrow that jacket and coat from jess again at some point...I do a great Chris Robinson impersonation, don't I?

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