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666 V-Nick is 25!

That's right kids, tomorrow is 6/6/06! It is also V-nick's 25th birthday. To celebrate we are having a very special screening of The Omen. Not the newly remade version debuting in theatres tomorrow but the honest to god 1976 version.

where | The Sailboat Park on West Superior St.
when | 9:30 or as soon as it gets dark enough.
what | A birthday party!
bring | A chair. Bug dope. Beverages. A warm coat.

Remember. This is a public park so if you bring booze keep it discreet. Hope you can all make it. The weather looks hopeful. Stay tuned for an alternate location in case of rain.


What a great idea!

Happy birthday, V-Nick! :)

Happy birthday nick, won't be able to make it tomorrow, hope you have fun

might not be able to attend...awesome idea...

Nevertheless...Happy Birthday to nick...

It would be cool if Nick were actually born in 1976 as well. But then he'd be 30. Alas, he's just a kid.

Somebody needs to cut that tree down.

Can't attend. Too bad. I'd have come in my collar.

Happy Birthday, Nick!

Happy Birthday Nick. I doubt I'll be able to attend. But, for those of you "left behind"...have fun.

Choices are made … the stage is set … in the twinkling of an eye millions disappear without a trace. Heaven rejoices as millions are welcomed into the unspeakable presence of God. The darkest days may lie ahead for those who have been left behind.

wait...what are YOU still doing here?

happy day v-damien

I wish I could come but I'm just too busy tonight. Ah well - have a happy satanic birthday! }:)>

Happy birthday, Nick, you devil. :+)

Thanks so much for a wonderful evening everyone. The weather could not have cleared up any nicer.

Whats the next movie?

It was a great Day Of the Beast and incidentally, Nick's birthday.


* original Posideon Adventure
* Faces of Death
* Bone Appetit videos
* Red Dawn

I also got the inside scoop that Bill Meier's acquiring a giant 50-pack of old timey Sci-Fi movies...

If I'm involved, it definitely has to be Barbarella. Jane Fonda saves the universe from Dr. Duran Duran in the year 40,000. Her spaceship is lined with fake fur.

It was so fun last night! I think keeping it on the B-side of the movie spectrum makes it even better.

how about Logan's Run?

"I want to live... live!!!"

(I...er... have a copy if needed)

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