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1st And Only Bicycle Pub Crawl


Join us for the First and Only Bicycle Pub Crawl! This Sunday, June 25th at 7:00pm starting at the Tappa Keg in West Duluth and working our way Downtown. Tentative stops include the Rustic, the Bedrock, R.T.'s, Pizza Luce, the Red Lion, and Carmody's, although this is likely to change as beverages become consumed. Helmets and vintage clothing strongly encouraged. Please don't wait for next year because this event will not be repeated! Participation is free!


My knee still aches sometimes from the Cruiser Bike Poker Ride a couple years back. Be careful after the 3rd stop and don't try to race Dusty Olson.

I'm in for sure.

If anything *needed* to be an annual event, I think it would have to be the bicycle pub craw.
I'm tempted to go, but I start my new job the next day (I don't think I would impress anyone by showing up hungover).

Starfire: thanks for the advice. Ian: looking forward to meeting you! Bad Cat!: sorry you can't make it, I didn't want to call it the "1st annual..." Next year hopefully it will be called the "2nd and Only..."

and by the way, here's the fine print: openonlytoresidentswhoparticipatenotvalidinRI,NJ,CKorA&F,$0.50surchargemayapplyforpubliclasciviousnessorpeoplewhosmelllikeketchup,notresponsibleforcausingvehiclestodriveoffthebongbridgeinaballoffireinducedbymasturbatingsnappingturtles. Dealer retains all rebates.

In case you'd like to join us somewhere along the trail, call to six owe - seven for five ate

Ian got jumped last night on his way home from the crawl. The dude took his bag and bike. He was on 2nd around 16th ave. Keep your eyes peeled for his tan fixed gear.

Wow that sucks! He had an expensive headlamp in that bag too... Other than that a good time was had by the nine participants. One of the highlights was all of us biking right into the Kom-On-Inn. I'll try to get pictures up onto a FlickR site soon.

Hi all! I was pretty concussed this morning and had a couple x-rays... only a broken nose and some puffy lips. Yeah, the headlight was my Christmas present from last year, worth ~10x the price of the bike (not including the parts I borrowed off of my other bikes). If anyone has an older lugged frame they want to sell, lemme know. I need a new fixie.

for the next ride, we should have a bike-drift contest ;)

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