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June 30, 2006

Here's the skinny


PDD Party Info.

Let's meet at 5 tomorrow. Bring party fun stuff!


Hazel and I were sitting on our front porch today and I was just musing over some thoughts about politics, mainly because I had just got done reading some of the vitriol over on the Duluth Citizens' Blog. I started thinking about political parties and it occured to me to wonder how many political parties were there, besides the main two... thanks to Mondopolitico and DC's Political Report, I had my answer...

there's 212 federally registered separate and distinct parties!! No wonder we have political muddle! Some of these parties have several sub-parties with different names. Just think what they could do if they united. Some are very specific to the area where they're located, but they're still a federal political party. It gets really confusing! One of the most interesting things was that a lot of the more radical right-and-left wing groups started after the 2000 Presidential elections. (Many of them are now nearly memberless...)

I went to every stinkin' one of them and read their platforms. If Jeopardy had a category entitled "Obscure Minor Political Parties," I think I'd have a shot at winning it. Here's the list along with some of my comments. Hope you enjoy it. If there's no link, they don't have a website or a article on Wikipedia.

  1. ACE Party
  2. Airenson Socialist Party - *sigh* Exclamation points?!?
  3. Alaskan Independence Party
  4. All-African People's Revolutionary Party
  5. America First Party
  6. America Founding Fathers Party (of Colorado)
  7. American Beer Drinker's Party - found in.dog's new party!
  8. American Energy Party of Nevada - pdf file, be warned...
  9. American Fascist Party - I think it's very interesting that AOL is the host site of the American Fascist Party....
  10. American Heritage Party of Washington
  11. American Independent Party of California - Affiliated with the Constitution Party
  12. American Independent Party of Massachusetts
  13. American Nationalist Union
  14. American Nazi Party
  15. American Pagan Party of Massachusetts
  16. American Reform Party - A splinter group of the Reform Party
  17. American Synthesis Party - this is what Stephen Hawking on drugs as the chair of a political party would do... don't read unless you want a headache.
  18. Autonomy Party - this one's out of Minnesota. One of its tenets is "We believe that all radical political organizations should be given access to free photocopying, laminating and other duplicating procedures (according to VERY limited parameters, of course). Radical political organizations are often strapped for cash, and could benefit immensely from free photocopying." Hmm....
  19. Balance Party
  20. Being Human Party of Utah
  21. Birthday Party - started by two conservative high schoolers. Yup.
  22. British Reformed Sectarian Party of Florida - yeah, you gotta love a party whose only platform is to "outlaw the boom-boom-boom bass laden music which reverberates through businesses, restaurants, schools and residences all throughout Florida."
  23. California Secessionist Parties - there's actually 5 of them. All of them want California to leave the US and become an independent country.
  24. Cascadian National Party
  25. Centralist Party of Georgia
  26. Centrist Party
  27. Christian Falangist Party of America - not quite Nazis, not quite Fascists, it's the Falangists!
  28. Citizen Party of Florida
  29. Common Good Party
  30. Common Sense Party - spent 20 minutes on here. Still couldn't figure out what their platform was. Also known as The Revolution Party.
  31. Commonwealth Party
  32. Communist Party USA
  33. Committee for a Unified Independent Party
  34. Concerned Citizens Party -
  35. Concern for People Party
  36. Confederate Party - come on, give up already! You lost!
  37. Conservative Parties
  38. Conservative and Populist Party
  39. Constitution Party
  40. Constitution Action Party
  41. Constitutionalist Party
  42. Cool American Party - yeah, they think they're cool...
  43. Cool Moose Party of Rhode Island
  44. Corrective Action Party
  45. Covenant Party of the Northern Mariana Islands
  46. Creator's Right Party - yeah, pretty much what you think it's going to be...
  47. Democratic Party (DNC)
  48. DFL Party
  49. Democratic Nonpartisan League
  50. Democratic Patriotism Party - I think this party is having a personality conflict...
  51. Democratic Socialists of America
  52. DC Statehood Green Party
  53. Diamond Party Voters League - I fully expected to hear the DeBeers music on this website...
  54. Emigration Party of Nevada -
  55. Expansionist Party - did you know that the United States is too small?
  56. Faith & Patience Inc. NPGG
  57. Falconist Party
  58. Family Values Party - yeah, this one was priceless. Check out the photoshopped photo. Not sure what he was trying to do there, add a yarmaluke?
  59. Feline Party
  60. First United & Independent Party of God of Florida
  61. Freedom Party
  62. Freedom Socialist Party
  63. Freedom Restoration Party of New York - affiliated with the Independent American Party
  64. Freedom Socialist Party of Washington
  65. Fusion Party - guess they couldn't fusion their way to a completed website
  66. Gibublican Party - I really wanted to know what the hell this was!
  67. Global Justice Party - I think they have the coolest website...
  68. Green Party
  69. Green Party USA
  70. Green Independent Party of Maine
  71. Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts - Affiliated with the Green Party
  72. Guilty Party - uh....
  73. Gun Owners' Rights Party of Colorado - takes you to a pdf file. What I found most interesting was that the chair of this party is also the chair of the ProLife Party in Colorado...
  74. Guns and Dope Party of California - Equal rights for ostriches! Yes! I found my political home!
  75. Hawaii Independence Party of Hawaii
  76. Hawaii Kingdom Party of Hawaii
  77. Heart Political Party - I was hoping the 80s band started a political party. Alas.
  78. Humane Liberation Party of Sacramento, California
  79. Idealistic Party of People - yeah, I'd be on extended hiatus, too, reading David Frum's book.
  80. Independent American Party
  81. Independence Parties - there's a bunch of these in different states. I linked to the Minnesota website. Most visible member: Jesse Ventura
  82. Independent Party of Florida
  83. Independent American Parties
  84. Independent Citizens' Movement Party of the Virgin Islands
  85. Independent Democrats of Florida
  86. Independent National Committee
  87. Industrial Workers of the World Party
  88. Integrity Party of New York - they're having a barn burning! Woo! That's way better than those tired old DFL caucauses!
  89. Internet Party - I don't know what's more sad: the fact that their original website domain name was not responding or the fact that the only reason they're called the Internet Party is because they got started on the Internet.
  90. Jefferson Party
  91. Jeffersonian Party - they actually have six people elected to the House of Representatives. Very Interesting....
  92. Knights Party - Yeah, it's the KKK. Please don't visit their website.
  93. Labor Party
  94. League for the Revolutionary Party
  95. Left Party - " We live in the epoch of the senility of the capitalist system."
  96. Legal Party
  97. Legal Marijuana Party of New Jersey
  98. Liberal Party - more liberal than the Democrats, more powerful than a locomotive, it's the Liberal Party!
  99. Liberal Progress Party
  100. Libertarian Party
  101. Libertarian National Socialist Green Party - I don't even know where to start to tell you about this one...
  102. Liberty Union Party of Vermont
  103. Light Party
  104. Local Party
  105. Marijuana Party - their slogan pretty much says it all: "A movement to pretty much legalize pot …"
  106. Marijuana Legalization Parties
  107. Marijuana Reform Party of New York
  108. Moderate Party
  109. Monster Raving Looney Party of the United States - wins the best name award... next to the National Barking Spider Resurgence Party....
  110. Mountain Party of West Virginia
  111. Multicapitalist Party
  112. National Alliance - more Aryan power! Whee!
  113. National Barking Spider Resurgence Party - the only thing I learned from this website is what a barking spider is.
  114. National Christian Party
  115. National Socialist Movement
  116. National Socialist White People's Party
  117. National Union Party - they were the Republicans before the Republicans
  118. Native American Party - Go Chief Jack!
  119. Natural Law Party
  120. Nebraska Party - Affiliated with Constitution Party
  121. Neo Whig Party - ROFL...
  122. Netocratic Party
  123. New Party
  124. New American Independent Party
  125. New Black Panther Party
  126. New England National Party of Massachusetts
  127. New Federalist Party- they want to censor the internet... hmm...
  128. New Progressive Party of Wisconsin
  129. New Union Party
  130. New Unionist Party of Minnesota - Go Jeff Miller, Go!
  131. New World Party of Wisconsin
  132. National Nihilist Party - No purpose, no meaning in existance - let's join the political rat race!
  133. No Political Affiliation Party of Florida - oh, come on now. Are you kidding me?!?
  134. Pacific Green Party of Oregon - Affiliated with the Green Party
  135. Pacifist Party
  136. Pansexual Peace Party - I was hoping this party was cool... I was disappointed.
  137. Clean Sweep Party of Pennsylvania
  138. Partido Acción Civil - Civil Action Party of Puerto Rico
  139. Partido Frente Socialista - Socialist Front Party of Puerto Rico
  140. Partido Independentista Puertoriqueño - Puerto Rican Independence Party
  141. Partido Nacional de la Raza Unida - United People Party
  142. Partido Nuevo Progresista - New Progressive Party of Puerto Rico
  143. Partido Popular Democrático - Popular Democratic Party of Puerto Rico
  144. The Party Party - they've got a song and they're supported by Gallagher. Yeah.
  145. Peace Party
  146. Peace & Freedom Party
  147. People's Party - blah blah blah serve its citizens blah blah current government bad blah blah blah....
  148. Personal Choice Party of Utah - they'd better watch out. Wal-Mart may come after them fairly soon...
  149. Personal Rights Party
  150. Planetary Engineering Party
  151. Populist Party
  152. Pot Party
  153. Progressive Parties
  154. Progressive Alternative Party
  155. Progressive Labor Party
  156. Progressive Pro-Action Party
  157. Prohibition Party - yup, still around... still hate booze... but with added hatreds now!
  158. Pro Life Party of Colorado - remember our Gun Owners' Party guy? Yup.
  159. Providential Party - the only member is Sterling D. Allan.
  160. Pushy Party- ????
  161. Radical Party
  162. Reform Party
  163. Reformed Conservative Party of North America
  164. Republican Party (RNC)
  165. Republican Moderate Party of Alaska
  166. Revolutionary Communist Party
  167. Right to Life Party of New York
  168. Romantic Transcendentalist Party of the United States - I think I want to join... oh wait...
  169. Royalist Party of America - okay. Aside from the MIDI file of the "Masterpiece Theater" theme... rejoin Great Britain? Under the rule of Elizabeth II? Do they realise that the British monarchy is nothing but a figurehead?

  170. Save Jobs Party of New York - blank slate... all that needs to be said..
  171. School Choice Party of New York
  172. Scorched Earth Party - I am *so* joining this party!
  173. Social Democratic Party
  174. Social Nationalist Party
  175. Socialist Party USA
  176. Socialist Action
  177. Socialist Equality Party
  178. Socialist Labor Party
  179. Socialist Workers Party
  180. Solipsist Party
  181. Southern Independence Party - when are they going to realise they lost?!?
  182. Spirit of America Party- Only click if you have a) a fast computer and b) a tolerance for rantings and ravings by weirdos. Actually, this page reads like the Duluth Citizens' Blog. Hmm...
  183. Star Party - the fact that their slogan reads like a "Chicken Soup For the Soul" mantra says it all..
  184. Statesmanship Party
  185. Students Rights Party
  186. SuperHappy Women's Party of Nevada - you do really want to read this constitution. Trust me. It's great.
  187. Surfers Party
  188. Taxpayers Parties - Affiliated with the Constitution Party
  189. Thermodynamics Law Party - why do I feel like watching "Solyent Green" when I'm at this website?
  190. Third Party
  191. Third Party of North Carolina
  192. Timesizing.com Party of Massachusetts
  193. Truth and Action Party - Oh Dear God.
  194. United Party of Idaho
  195. Unification Party
  196. United Citizens Party of South Carolina
  197. United Fascist Union - Jack Grimes. Wasn't he the CIA agent in the last few Bond movies?
  198. Unity Party
  199. USAbility Party - At least I know I won't waste more of my time going here...
  200. Veterans Party
  201. We The People Party
  202. Whig Party
  203. White People's Party of Nevada - part of their platform? To place white people on the Endangered Species list...
  204. White Working Mans Party of Minnesota I don't know what saddens me more, the fact that this is based in Minnesota or that they have a dating service.
  205. Workers Party
  206. Workers Socialist Party - scroll down below the ads, it's there...
  207. Workers World Party
  208. Working Families Party
  209. World Political Party - World United States Politics... sounds like Dubya created this party!
  210. World Socialist Party
  211. Party X - "You are X."
  212. Party Y - website suspended.. hmmm... Google says that Party Y stands for electing 10 candidates 30 or younger to the US HofR... perhaps they were doing it doing school hours.

June 29, 2006

Batteries - Humanoid - The Surfactants @ TPB July 7th

Park, (re) park, park (ing)

So I have this dream. It is reclaiming 50% of duluth's streets and letting *gasp* trees and grass grow. It is part of an idea that a city should have public transportation ( skywebexpress(taxi2000)/subway/streetcar/lightrail) at least 4 blocks from anywhere. This would work perfectly with the new twin cities to duluth line. Those scabs can just take their Lexus to the train station, have a beautiful ride to duluth, then they can spend money at our ex-brothel and spit in our lake. I would rather enjoy going to the cities to enjoy their gamut of restaurants and shows. Then when I manage to be fully intoxicated at somebody's tiki party I won't have to drive home.(btw thanks bill)

What kind of state would have a streetcar museum and no streetcars.

Duluth used to have Streetcars(my picture from 3rd st below lincoln park)

I doubt 4 blocks is unreasonable to walk. In fact, I've already seen fat people riding those little motorized carts, so really no one can complain.


On a side note:
Here are a few efforts I've seen about instaparks.

Here is a great effort by italians (click on Reportage)
Original Park(ing) site
The Rebar park(ing) Manual

BTW I was the guy that kept bugging Heidi about the taxi2000 project now called skyWebExpress, and although the article sucked because that particular ripsaw writer seemed to hate public transportation it was still there.


ark_2.jpgOk DANGNABIT! I'm tired of people calling me and saying...OOOOO Baci has a minivan...like it's some friggan sign that I've become something other than what I am. I'm proud to say it...I have a MINIVAN...it's called ARK3...And I have a talking chimp and a jet pack. So get you post-apochalyptic, pre-madmax fur wearin hippy ass out of my way I gotta get lil' l to daycare. BTW Clumsy and I had this idea...how about an Urban Family Vehical Road Rally where you have to race your minivan or subaru or scion (scion?) areound compeleting urban family objectives REAL FAST...get corp sponsorships and espn involved...someone call gartman on this...

Perfect Edith Day

My favorite options from the InDesign spell checker when it encounters "Duluth"



PDD is 3!


Tomorrow is the 3rd anniversary of the first post to Perfect Duluth Day. So let's have a little gathering on Saturday. I'm thinking an outdoor affair in the late afternoon/early evening. Maybe Leif Erickson Park on the stage? Frisbee, Croquet, Jarts? Whatever you folks wanna do is cool by me. The weather looks like it will cooperate so let's have some fun in the real world.

RSVP in the comments.

June 27, 2006

It will rip the unit right off your body

June 26, 2006



First came the yurt. Now comes the Uni-Pod™. "Upstairs" will be a one-person sleeping loft. The big tank on the side collects rainwater from the roof (re-used shingles from Common Grounds). We maximixed southern exposure for future attached Mini-Greenhouse with Mini-Wrap-Around-Deck. Designed for the Mini-Lifestyle. Future plans include solar energy, greywater recycling, composting and long moments of silence.



June 25, 2006

The Reason this Category Was Created...

We're havin' a Q...

made by tamara

Ezra, Hazel and I are throwin' a Q. Why? Because we can... and because we have a brand-spankin' new Weber...
so come celebrate the grill (and incidentally, the 4th of July) with us! Bring something to grill and a dish to pass - show up anytime after 2pm - coals will be hot at 3pm. (For our veggie friends, don't worry, a portion of the grill will be reserved for you!) We will provide watermelon, dessert, and a limited amount of beer.

Stay as long as you like, but FYI: you can't see the Duluth fireworks from our front yard. We will, however, provide fireworks of our own, which we will set off about twilight.

Contact us at pyntathotmaildotcom for RSVPing and directions!

Let's put the "weekly" back in "weekly calendar"

You know I like to browse the Transistor as well as the next homosapien or nigh sentient button pusher, but have they totally given up on their web presence? The on-line version hasn't changed since, well, March.

June 23, 2006

Mevdev's Review of the Zen House


This place is in a weird location behind a gas station. It is at the corner of Maple Grove Rd and Haines Rd. It just opened up at the beginning of the month. I am a great lover of sushi, and looking at this menu there is much more than sushi.

Menu 1

Menu 2

Menu 3

Menu 4

There are not many tables, enough for two servers to keep busy. At the door I see plastic take-away packages of sushi. Kinda like the Byerly's sushi to go. I can't tell if they have meat in them, but at least two were vegetarian. More pics and review to follow.

Sitting down we were greeted by a young lady server. She was nice and told us they "threw it all together" and they were just starting. I asked if they delivered, and she said "no" like I was crazy. Okay, I may be crazy, but crazy about sushi.

I order green tea, seaweed salad,spicy tuna rolls, and yellow tail nigiri. My friend ordered the chicken donburi and green tea. The tea comes quickly in a coffeeshop style mug without an adjacent teapot. I am a bit worried, but at first sip it was not too hot and tasked rather good.

The seaweed salad tasted great with pickled cucumber in with the seaweed. It was a different style of seaweed than I've ever had, but in my book all seaweed is good seaweed. My friend had the white-guy salad, which interestingly enough came with the donburi for a cheap price of 7.95.


There are two other tables besider ours. It was perhaps 6:30pm Friday Jun 23rd 2006. One table was three older ladies, one with a stylish oriental red and white shirt. Red and white is the new black. I commented to them to check out the rainbow after the brief rain. It was magnificent. There was the whole ROYGBIV and a little more.(notice my gimmicky car, the hockey place with a zamboni in the front. This place needs a backdrop of miniature Tokyo like Conan Obrien's New York City)


The other table was a family that knew a young white guy in the back. They looked well-to-do.

As you can see they did up the place with bamboo, but it still looks like a decorated country kitchen four-season porch. It smelled good in there and did have quite a great atmosphere with quiet japanese string music playing above.

Spicy Tuna Rolls - Interesting that there was sauce covering the fish. It looked like a bit of slight of hand, but tasted okay. It was not a huge amount of tuna, but tasted fresh and tender.

The Yellow tail, my favorite of the evening, soft, tender and such care taken with the rice balls. They stayed together wonderfully

My friend's dish Chicken Donburi. I had a taste and it was a bit salty, but filled with great flavor. It made me want to try the tempura vegetables that this place has.

The server brought out ample pickled ginger and a pea-sized bit of wasabi on every plate. I forgot to mention that at the beginning of the meal we were only given a wrapped napkin with a fork, spoon, and a knife. Once we got the tea we both asked for chopsticks, they were bamboo cheap and small. Well, those rolls did not completely satisfy me so I inquire about the crab surimi. The server said it was a neat japanese word for fake. I ordered the tuna nigiri, just tuna naked to the world.


It proved to be a bit much for the selection of the meat as it was fibrous and held together by white bits. If I would try to compare this to another japanese restaurant I would say this would be one of the cheaper slices possible for tuna. This is miles from the chutoro or toro which is succulent and melts in your mouth. I believe that cut is the belly area of the tuna fish. They however, were just listing this as tuna (although they could have used maguro as I think that is a generalized word for tuna). I was hoping for hamachi(yellow tail tuna), but we really can't have everything can we here in duluth. er hermantown.

Overall I liked this restaurant. On July 1st they will get their liquor license, I hope it is cheap, because then I think I will just come to the Zen house instead of an afterwork beer downtown. The Zen house did have eel, but after my first rolls I was not brave enough to try it. They are really doing this. I laud their efforts for authenticity and general food for the dollar. Their prices are spot on and although they do not have the selection of the Fuji Ya it beats the pants off of the Sakana in superior. I actually went to the Sakana at least 5 times and one of those times they didn't even have fish. I think smoked fish is to sushi fish as pemican is to filet mignon. Well, I will never go there again with the Zen house around. When I was leaving I did look into the back of the restaurant. I was amazed at the sheer amount of people back there. I think that there was probably 1:1 workers to customers, but then again that may have been an educational conference. I , however, did notice a very vintage authentic japanese lady in the back.

I will be here again.

-mevdev (Note this entry is "Restaurant Reviews" and not "Creepy Japanese Things")

Minuteman Missile National Historic Site

Leaving this Sunday for a week in the back of the Badlands. While down there I intend to try and take a tour of the new-ish Minuteman Missile National Historic Site and take some photos of it. This is one of those things I wish had never been built, but my curiosity about it draws me to check it out.

Blue Heron

ohmahgahd who took the Blue Heron banner photo?! I don't see it on the Flickr site. That's me on the back of the boat with the grey hooded sweatshirt and squinting, along with two other UMD geology grad students, Ryan and Riyad. We were out last fall sonaring the lake bottom for geophysics class.

June 22, 2006

Bars/Restaurants near Lake Superior

I'm attempting to make a list of places to drink and/or eat around Duluth that are very near Lake Superior. Anywhere that simply depends on the LAKE as their main draw/attraction which pulls in tourists/customers.

So far, my list goes:
Fitgers Brewhouse
Baja Billy's
Hacienda del Sol
Sir Benedicts
Little Angies
Nokomis (N Shore)
The Rustic Inn (N Shore)
Betty's Pies (N Shore)
Vanilla Bean (Two Harbors)
Perkins (Superior)
Barkers Island (Superior)
Boat House (Superior)

Just an experiment. Any help from PDDers would be appreciated!

Corridor Myth

This post is essentially a comment on the previous post. I don't have access to comment.

The scoop on the International Mid-Continent Trade Corridor is at http://www.businessnorth.com/kuws.asp?RID=1521.

International Mid-Continent Trade Corridor?

Has anyone else heard anything about this? There was a recent letter to the editor in the Spooner Advocate mentioning it, mostly because this is apparently slated to run through Duluth...and that was the first I'd heard of it. Which is surprising, because the scope of this project sounds huge.

Basically, there's a plan coming together to open a massive trade route through the midwestern U.S. (via Interstates 35, 29, and 94), bypassing the coasts and expanding those Interstates into multi-lane toll roads to Canada & Mexico. Instead of traditional cargo screening at the borders, there'd be regional "Smart Ports" that scan cargo electronically, therefore speeding up the process (or something like that).

From one online article, first published on the Human Events website (a conservative online magazine, I think?):

"The Texas segment of the NAFTA Super Corridor is moving rapidly toward approval. When built, the Trans-Texas Corridor, or TTC, will be a major super-highway with six lanes moving in each direction, twelve lanes across in total, described in the 4,000 page draft environmental study as including separate lanes 'for passenger vehicles and large trucks, freight railways, high-speed commuter railways, and a corridor for utilities including water lines, oil and natural gas pipelines, and transmission lines for electricity, broadband and other telecommunications services.'

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is overseeing the Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC) as the first leg of the NAFTA Super Highway. A 4,000-page environmental impact statement has already been completed and public hearings are scheduled for five weeks, beginning next month, in July 2006. The billions involved will be provided by a foreign company, Cintra Concessions de Infraestructuras de Transporte, S.A. of Spain. As a consequence, the TTC will be privately operated, leased to the Cintra consortium to be operated as a toll-road.

The details of the NAFTA Super Highway are hidden in plain view. Still, Bush has not given speeches to bring the NAFTA Super Highway plans to the full attention of the American public. Missing in the move toward creating a North American Union is the robust public debate that preceded the decision to form the European Union. All this may be for calculated political reasons on the part of the Bush Administration. A good reason Bush does not want to secure the border with Mexico may be that the administration is trying to create express lanes for Mexican trucks to bring containers with cheap Far East goods into the heart of the U.S., all without the involvement of any U.S. union workers on the docks or in the trucks."

I've been trying to find some reasonably objective information about this to link to, but (perhaps predictably) most of what I've found thus far has been pretty biased one way or the other (pro or con)--I'll post a few links here for informational purposes, but again, it's been hard to find any "real" news coverage of this, only stuff posted & re-posted on blogs.

North America's SuperCorridor Coalition, Inc. (NASCO)

Old article (1998?), "I-35: An Interstate Become a Global Corridor"

One on DailyKos, explaining why some conservative groups are upset about this

My summer just got better!

I was at the airport yesterday to pick up an out of town guest. As I waited, I saw that huge black stretch humvee sitting at the main door. To myself, I said "hmmm, what loosers have ordered that thing?" Oviously something related to Las Vegas..but no! As we pulled away I saw a camera crew and then to my suprise...several older little people posing for cameras before climbing (with assistance) into the back of the hideous gas belching cheney mobile. After some conversation, Patrice's mom hit it...They were MUNCHKINS going to Grand Rapids for Judy Garland days....I saw a MUNCHKIN!!!! Number 12 has been scratched off my list.munchkin.jpg

June 21, 2006

Personal Dangerous Assistant

dell banger1.jpg

Now thats one hot myspace profile.

2nd Annual Uptown Pride Block Party

In case anyone is coming down to the Twin Cities this weekend for Twin Cities Gay Pride.
6/23/2006 Friday 6:00 PM
The 2nd Annual Uptown Pride Block Party
Bryant Lake Bowl
West Lake and Bryant

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Celebrate Gay Pride in Uptown Friday June 23rd! Featuring[b] B Girl Be, Venus, Arctic Universe, Black Blondie, Grant Hart, Foxy Tann and The Wham Bam Thank You Maams, Tina Schlieske[/b] & more! This FREE event is 6:00-10:30 pm on Bryant Ave. The grill will be going and the beer flowing. After party follows with [b]Trailer Park Queen[/b](my band) in the Theater and[b] DJ Lori Barbero[/b] in the restaurant/bowling lanes.

Friday June 23
6:00-10:30 pm (Block Party)
11:00 pm (After-party)

June 20, 2006

Doo wah Ditty Duluth?

Hello Duluth!

According to the Duluth Public Library website: "Published by the Duluth Public Library in 1976, this spiral-bound book contains music and lyrics for 32 songs about Duluth."

Sister Bar Exchange

I was poking around Eric Ringsred Dot Com today and found his "Coming Attractions" page. I like #4 the best.

1st And Only Bicycle Pub Crawl


Join us for the First and Only Bicycle Pub Crawl! This Sunday, June 25th at 7:00pm starting at the Tappa Keg in West Duluth and working our way Downtown. Tentative stops include the Rustic, the Bedrock, R.T.'s, Pizza Luce, the Red Lion, and Carmody's, although this is likely to change as beverages become consumed. Helmets and vintage clothing strongly encouraged. Please don't wait for next year because this event will not be repeated! Participation is free!

Comic Strip Generator

Ever wanted to write a comic strip, but didn't have any talent? Don't let that stop you! ;)
Strip Generator
My 5-minute entry: Nosfera-who?

June 19, 2006

Duluth Woman's Soccer League.

Duluth's first adult women's soccer league will be having their first game this Thursday, June 22nd at Public Schools Stadium , 4405 W. 4th Street, at 6:15pm. The teams are sponsered by Carmody's and Sir Benedicts Tavern on the Lake. Come and support and cheer them on.

for sale

The (photography) show I have hanging at Beaners is coming down this Thursday. In a, perhaps futile, effort to minamize what i have to haul home I'm selling the mounted prints that are on the wall for $30. I suspect I'll be there about 5pm. Show up, take stuff home. First come first served.

shoo be do whop.

Cloud Cult Video


This Cloud Cult video on YouTube
was apparently made without the band's knowledge, though its members say they like it. I like it, too.

(Cloud Cult, by the way, is from Duluth and playing at Green Man. But you already knew that, right?)

June 18, 2006

Craigslist Comes to Duluth!


I was wondering when Craigslist would come to Duluth. Sweet. Here is a short article with CEO, CFO, COO, Jim Buckmaster talkling about Craigslist and why they keep it free, mostly.







June 16, 2006

Greetings from the Leinie Lodge...


Recently found a good read in one of our trade mags at work...I already posted a tidbit from it earlier (See: Conan: The Beer)...thought I'd share this one with you all, as it's dealing with Leinenkugel's..the business as it stands today and a bit of the brewery's history.

Both articles are pretty good reads, but the history of the beer is what I liked, as Leinies is fast becoming a beverage that I'm beginning to enjoy more and more.



June 15, 2006

First Herb... Now Bill... Who's Next?


Yesterday Herb Bergson announced that he would not be running again for mayor in 2008. Today Bill Gates said he was stepping down as CEO of Microsoft in 2008. So, knowing these things run in threes, who's next? Does anyone have any abdications of power in 2008 they need to get off their chests? Or who do you suspect will be next to say, "Come 2008, I'm outta here."



I was watching the Sweeden-Paraguay match today and it occured to me that it might be cool to go out and do this kind of thing. Are there any particular sports-bars/hangouts where people watch the World Cup in Duluth? The more the merrier when it comes to frenzied shouting, and there are some interesting matchs coming this week with England-Sweeden, Ecuador-Germany, and US-Italy.

Blue Man Group's Cool Toy Instruments


The Blue Man Group is releasing a kid version of their weird insturments this July. I am so getting my nephews this for Christmas! Maybe Laurie could get us an early peek!.

June 14, 2006

Where is our Sven?


The 92 KQ moring show from the cities is already loving their new meatorologist Sven Sundgaard.
KQ Website

Conan: The Beer...

goose.jpg equals


scroll down and click on "The Last Drop."

The Original 40-year-old Virgin

enos.jpg virgin.jpg

I saw part of the pilot episode of "The Dukes of Hazzard" last night. In the first scene with Deputy Enos Strate, narrator Waylon Jennings refers to the character as "the oldest virgin in Hazzard County."


On a completely separate note, I have made several attempts to start a TypeKey account so I can comment on other people's posts to this site. I never get the confirmation e-mail that allows me to log in. So, from now on I have no comment.

June 13, 2006

It goes well...

You really should be eating here...

If you haven't already.

(I wish I had a photo to stick here, but alas...)

Tamara and I spend a bit of time here and we find more to like about the place each time we go. The gelatto is excellent, and for lunch/dinner, there is a plethora of freshly made sauces and pastas, cheeses, fresh veggies, breads and...if you're into it...meats. The food's to die for, and the price fits easily into pretty much any budget.

I'd suggest the Prosciutto pear and honey goat milk panini for starters...

Rock the Block this Thursday Downtown Duluth

UHQ poster for mass mailing.JPG

The Greater Downtown Council is hosting a new Summer Concert Series event in the Downtown this summer. It is called Rock the Block and the first concert is this Thursday June 15. The Urban Hillbilly Quartet gets started at 5:00 in the 300 Block West on Superior St. There will be beer and food sold by local restaurants as well as seating available for Rock the Block attendees. The event was created for the public and is free!

Please come and support this new outdoor event that will be hosted every other Thursday this summer on the streets of Downtown Duluth. Bands are a mix of local and regional. If you would like to hear samples of there music go to www.downtownduluth.com

I made a movie in 48 hours

This evening at 7pm, at the Riverview Theater in Minneapolis, I will be attending a screening of the short film I made for the 48 hour film contest.

Here are all the reasons you should show up:
1) The film turned out really well. It's called "Conversion Van" and it's about a guy who's trying to rescue his girlfriend from a suicide cult somewhere outside of Duluth, Minnesota.
2) As far as I know, it's the only film in the contest that was made in Duluth.
3) We need people to show up and support our film. If it gets enough votes, it could win an audience award.
4) What else could you possibly have to do on a Tuesday night at 7pm?

Hope to see you there. And please bring friends. And spread the word. And be good.

June 11, 2006

back in miny soda

here I am back in minnesota. two grueling years in madison and now relocated to the twin cities. it's good to be back. especially since i'm now within driving distance for a day trip to duluth and the lake i miss so much. if you've ever moved away from duluth, you know what i mean. that thing weighs you down greater than an anchor burger (btw, great pic of you cramming your face w/ a burger lundgren)

on a differnt matter, have any of you geeks seen this? i just found out about it and will be adding it to my netflix soon.

why do i have the feeling this is baci's idea of porn.

June 10, 2006

Prom Memories

Group Prom.jpg

So my nephew went to prom this last week and it got me thinking about my prom's at Superior Senior High School. I thought I would share this lovely group photo of some of your local rock folk in their prom gear. Greg Conley, Bryon Gaynor and Marcus Matthews. I am Bryon's date in the metalic green dress. SWEET. "Dreams to Remember" May 19, 1990

The State Champs Tonight at the Tap Room

June 09, 2006

Up Yours!

cat-finger_tn_200x140.jpgGood News: turned in two-week notice at my sucky-ass job
Bad News: they did a "screw you" and said I'm done effective immediately, which leaves me without a paycheck for two weeks
Best News: giving my ex-job the finger and never having to deal with them again! :D

Oakland, CA.

Tim Anderson Playing Guitar.jpg


I am in San Francisco this weekend for Vloggercon 2006 and I stayed with a Duluth expat Tim Anderson. Here he is sitting in his livingroom this morning strumming away.

Video to follow.

Great, Now Let's Make the Zombies Angry...


Now on sale here.

June 07, 2006

another and it should work

Click the picture.

Google Spreadsheets is out:

I Think I can invite people into this. If you want an invite let me know.
Pretty sure you need a gmail accoun to be able to use.

The way it works, I invite you to view/edit a spreadsheet I make, then you are able to login/make your own

The Surfactants

The first album from The Surfactants is done. The CD version will be released at our first show. We don't have any shows booked as of yet. We are looking to book shows. Book us a show.

The web version of the first album from The Surfactants is available now.

Comments, view points, criticism, praise and hate mail are all welcome.

Crew Jones v. Rotating Radisson: Video Premiere



Duluth Radisson Viking's Room * Wednesday * June 7th * 7PM * FREE

I don't really know what this all brings, but my understanding is afterwards, they will make the Radison rotating restaurant spin backwards.

June 06, 2006

Come Join the Fun in Downtown Duluth


(...a little something for C-freak to make you laugh and brighten your day.)

We are located in the heart of downtown Duluth. If you are looking for a good time with a new crowd come and join our family.

Holy eff, is that... a Kozy Cam!?

so long old pal

after 14 wonderful years, talulah is gone. nobody was luckier than me.
r.i.p. 5-31-06

June 05, 2006

And now the 'Toga?

Not the Toga!
Just heard it from Denny Anderson's heavily furred lips: according to Bryan Brown (Duluth City Attorney) the Club Saratoga is going to have to close down because of some new Minnesota law that requires adult business to be no closer than 500 feet to a home.

Now, I love a good conspiracy theory as much as the next person so I can't be the only person thinking that if Ringsred hadn't allegedly thumbed his nose at the city via the 'Shor, the 'Toga and the Wabasha would not be in danger... anyone else want to join me on this crazy train of thought?

PDD shirt sighted in Boston!

Find it here!!!!

And Ryanne told me that she finally learned Starfire's real name.....

Find the shirt here. If you can!

I warned ya...


didn't I?


666 V-Nick is 25!

That's right kids, tomorrow is 6/6/06! It is also V-nick's 25th birthday. To celebrate we are having a very special screening of The Omen. Not the newly remade version debuting in theatres tomorrow but the honest to god 1976 version.

where | The Sailboat Park on West Superior St.
when | 9:30 or as soon as it gets dark enough.
what | A birthday party!
bring | A chair. Bug dope. Beverages. A warm coat.

Remember. This is a public park so if you bring booze keep it discreet. Hope you can all make it. The weather looks hopeful. Stay tuned for an alternate location in case of rain.

June 04, 2006

Dalai Lama Honors Comic Book!

The Dalai Lama will be presenting the Truth of Light award to Tintin for the comic "Tintin in Tibet".

June 03, 2006

People! Can't we all just get along?

Duluth News Tribune: Wabasha Book Shut Down, Reports Bomb Threat

"Sgt. Scott Campbell, supervisor of the Violent Crimes Unit, said the Wabasha notified police at 8:17 a.m. that a threatening note directed toward Eric Ringsred was found on the front of the store at 114 E. First St.

Ringsred owns the NorShor Theatre and has approved a plan for Jim Gradishar, owner of Wabasha Book, to bring nude dancers into the theater located on Superior Street.

The words of the note were pieced together with letters taken from a newspaper or magazine, Campbell said. It was stuck to the door with a kitchen knife."

Out of the Hat Location Changed

Out of the Hat 7 Email DECC.jpg
Unfortunately due to a hold up in getting the zoning for the performance space changed, Out of the Hat will be performed at Paulucci Hall in the DECC. Yeah. Meh. But there it is.

June 02, 2006

summer showers, and Sunday

Perhaps not quite as dramatic as the sweet shots by Mr. Moe, but I was at work so didn't have much time to exploit the recent awsome showers.

Oh, and Sunday would be cool for a flickr walk, if peep are interested. I thought it was going to rain, but seems like it'll be nice. I'm limited to places accesable by bus. Lakewalk... trainyards... ? Suggestions for time and place?

If I hear that stupid song one more time...


It's safe to say that during the 40 hour workweek, I listen to a bit of commercial radio...partly because NPR/WPR gets pretty damned boring after six hours of talk.

Hence, I've been thinking:
We all have that song...the one that gets stuck in our heads for days on end, the one that causes us to lose sleep...like so many neighbors and their accordian orchestras.

I have a running list, and surprisingly there are no songs by Journey on it.

What's on your most annoying song list?

Mine? I'll spare you the Long List and fess up with a five song sample...would that count as a "Songs I Loathe" EP?

1.) That song by Blues Traveller. I don't know the name but it completely decalcifies my spinal column and I crumple to the floor whimpering and pleading for someone to turn the station, or at least dismantle the radio. The harmonica, as John Popper plays it, should NEVER be used as a lead insturment. EVER.

2.) As sad as it is for me to admit...Comfortably Numb, Hey You, Another Brick In The Wall, and Run Like Hell...Floyd tunes shouldn't get airplay unless the station runs the entire album.

3.) The Friends theme song. I'm sorry, but you're a putz and I WON'T be there for you. Okay, it's not a radio tune, but it does annoy me.

4.) Clapton's version of I Shot The Sherriff. Give it up, man!

5.) Pinball Wizard...the eighteenth time through. Don't get me wrong, I love The Who. But there are so many other great Who songs out there...Play Mama's Got A Squeezebox for a change.

there's mine...

Champs Luce Saturday

June 01, 2006

Perfect Duluth Storm 2

Rainbow LightningPDD.jpg
Another fine storm tonight. Larger image at www.moeview.com

Gonzo Science Badminton Party

A day of badminton at the Gonzo Science manse and grounds, starting Saturday at 3pm. H'ors d'oerves accepted but not necessary. Working on getting beer. Once the sun goes down we'll be projecting movies on the side of the little old lady's house across the street. The first feature will be "Walking with Giants," from the BBC's "Chased by Dinosaurs" series. No weirdos. Email [email protected] for more info.

Come buy my crap!

Garage Sale!
Today - Saturday

Thurs, June 1st - 3pm to 6pm
Fri, June 2nd, 9am - 6pm
Sat, June 3rd, 9am - 2pm

Mulit-Family sale with furniture, books, HH Misc & More!

320 East 5th Street - In alley

Lube Kickoff


Duluth-Superior's GLBTAQI Pride hosts their summer kickoff Saturday at the Main Club.

Lube wrestling. Free-for-all (registration required) real lube, lube wrestling. This is potentially even better than Mexican wrestling and ladies' wrestling combined.

Saturday, June 03 * The Main Club * 9pm (reg. at 8pm) * $5 * 21+


Duluth-Superior Pride Supplemental we're sending down to TC Pride available here.

Word is the Word


Zoey & Sarah host this Thursday night a spelling bee viewing and revue on ABC, featuring spelling bees and all other things wordy; crossword competitions, scrabble rabble, spelling tests, mockery, &ct.

10th Ave. E. & 7th St. (Keep Aways compound), second floor. 7pm. BYOBFN*

Literacy test required for entry.

* ...for Nerds