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What better way to say "I love you"

Awhile back someone posted about wedding ideas. I would like to recommend these wedding cake recipes/instructions from Hostess.


It appears that one can easily construct a wedding cake out of Twinkies.

Here's my personal favorite.

It's a fitting symbol if you think about it. A Twinkie probably lasts even longer than a diamond.


Holy crap do those look good!
I was going to have a White Castle pyramid at my wedding, but the idea was quickly nixed by my husband.
My family has an almost obscene obsession with White Castles. (My parents even got engaged there)

I'm imagining a castle of whitecastles. That would rawk.

We must build this White Castle castle. How many Crave Cases will it take? (Assuming I eat 1/4 of a case.)

Is the White Castle castle going to be burgers, the little burger boxes, or a combination of both?
To make a burgle castle, it would probably take many many burgers, but a little burger box castle would be pretty easy I think. Maybe two dozen boxes to get a basic castle shape?
Man I could go for a White Castle right now. I'm bummed that it moved out of Duluth.

Boxes, burgers, by-products... all of the above.

I went down to Mora last week and of course I had to stop in at Hinckley for a White Castle. I'm in for the Castle of White Castles... where and when? The why is obvious.

I wonder if there's a White Castle-related world record that needs breaking...

White Castle Recipes

All my stomach could think was *shudder...*

and then I saw the recipe for the White Castle turkey stuffing...

Hey Bad Cat! That's a tower, not a castle! But I guess it's probably enough to discourage us, since we have to go to Hinckley to get our building materials.

If White Castle was still in Duluth, we'd have a castle built by 3 a.m.

Twinkies Project

I'm sure you've all seen this before, but it's worth a re-look... :)

Twinkies remind me of the arm pit cushions on wooden crutches or perhaps Sponge Bob's ass cheeks. Either way, too much to ponder on that special day.

We actually had sponge cakes for our wedding. Thankfully they were the round variety.

A twinkie is forever.

ya know, I've eaten many things that most would consider repulsive...but there's no way in hell I'd go near a sack of White Castle sliders...

This whole conversation made me crave sliders. I had some in Hinkley yesterday. Mmmmmmm!

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