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Wall of Shame

At Palmer's in Minneapolis I saw the Wall of Shame:


It's a bunch of scraps of paper listing everyone who's 86'd and why. Some examples:
- Tall skinny ferret-faced crackhead is 86'd
- Elvis is 86'd. Says he's a Viet vet who is sic'ing the Hell's Angels on me! Also claims he used to be a bouncer here.
- Flava Flave is 86'd; short, fucked up, black. He ain't never seen a pussy.
- Fat white kid. Blond, glasses. 86'd.
- [illegible] is 86'd. Punching the bouncer five minutes before his shift starts is never a good idea.
- "Crackhead Christine," White woman, late 40's, lives on a farm in WI is 86'd for popping pills and doing drugs in restroom.
- Kilroy was here. Now he's 86'd.
- Lee; peg leg, AKA C3PO is 86'd for being creepy to men, women and retards.


Hey, I'm not that skinny!

They got a stack of Polaroids at the Red Lions like that. Fromberg shared them with my dad and I one afternoon. Half are of people flipping off the camera, the others are of smiling, happy people, unaware that they are about to get tossed from the Lion Rouge.

My favorite was some lady with a one-word caption: "Pandering."

wow..thrown out of the red lion..where next then? Th kitch?

I like that "Macho" has been 86'd. There are definitely times when I want to 86 the macho.

For regulars like myself, Palmer's is known as the "Palm Club". You know it is classy place when it smells like piss.

One of my friends made the freudian slip... 69'd when they meant 86'd. That lead to a lot of immature giggles.

I was almost 86'd from the Palm when I went into the women's bathroom with a female friend to read the graffiti. Bartender didn't like that.

hell, even Elvis managed to get himself 86'ed.

I'd like to see someone get 172ed. (that's double 86ed)

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