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They came, they saw, they drank.

Like marauding vikings, Maria and Zoe descended upon Washburn looking for love. And booze.
Instead, they found Freedom. And pills. And oh yeah, some booze, too.

(Actually, they were just pill bottles. No pills. I don't know why there are empty prescription pill bottles all over the streets of Washburn. But there are. That's just how Washburn rolls.)

Could it have been a Perfect Washburn Day? Perhaps.


why'd they have to go to washburn for love? Does one get a washburn from scrubbing to hard?...I said hard heh heh heh

those tramps had to go to washburn for love. they've run thru everyone in town!

dont you know that there are kids who look at this website? Taking pills is a no no and only for mommies to do after they yell at the tv....I have to be alone for this next part

Booze, pills, the patriotic display at ABC Thrift? Sounds like a PWD to me. I'm gonna be there on Thursday. Hope there are some goodies left. (And I don't mean mini-USflags).

larry is totally designing my next tattoo. does anyone want to go with me for a high school kegger on the rez next weekend?

hell yea! can we go down to the shore, "tip o' the mitten" never been there before

I'll be there Sunday doing yardwork, if you're not too under the weather or lying in a ditch somewhere in Red Cliff... stop by 303 E. 8th St.(little, very little, blue house on a corner lot)and say hi!

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