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The Remains


So, do tell about the last time you were at Charlie's Club. Or the first time. Or the best time. Or the worst time. Or any time.


Insert Great White joke here.

I went with my friend to see his brother's cover band. The were really bad, but the drunk middle-aged women seemed to be enjoying them. Later my friend gave me some money and told me to go buy their CD (not for him or me, just top make them feel good about selling a CD). Just as I was buying a copy out of pity, drunk middle-aged women started coming up and buying CDs and asking for autographs. I guess Charlie's was a place where cover bands could feel like rock stars for a night. I imagine cover bands from coast-to-coast are in mourning today.

Funny...or not funny?
On the Marque at Charlies, the band DAMAGED was due to play this weekend.
Really, I only know because I saw it early this a.m.. also, a slight waft of Char.

I only moved here last October, and I've never been. It was on my list of of 'Bars to Crawl' but I've gotten behind.

I have this interesting mental problem called 'Distomeasurality': I stop into a bar for one drink and it arrives in a dozen glasses.

I worked at Charlie's in the late 70's when Charlie Lemon still ran the place. The worst night..and the night I quit, was the night they had a wet t-shirt contest that degraded into a stripping contest. Lots of the creepy dudes that hung out there loved it, but they also got grabby with the waitstaff. I was just out of high school (the drinking age was still 18) and was in no mood to put up with be groped while trying to sell drinks. I have never been able to go back in there without feeling like there might be some sort of sexual predator lurking in a dark corner.

(SNIF) Purple's chance to see Hair Ball went up in flames...

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