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The next time I have to come in here...

principal vernon.jpg

...I'm cracking skulls!


I *believe* the line is, "I'm crackin' skulls." (Yes, I have that movie memorized.)

You just bought yourself another Saturday. I'm gonna knock your dick in the dirt.

Why is that door closed? WHY IS THAT DOOR CLOSED?!

Don't mess with the bull, young man. You'll get the horns.

"Are you done?"

thanks Barrett...I must have been so overcome with grief that I misquoted Principal Vernon.

I have to rewatch that movie. I may not have seen it since the 80s.

"I Heard A Ruckus", the life and times of Paul Gleason.

He will always be principal Vernon to me, but looking over his credits I'm amazed at how busy Paul Gleason was. Sure he had his low points -ahem- "Private Duty Nurses" 1971. But overall he was a solid actor. The Breakfast Club came out when I was in Junior High- perfect timing at an impressionable age. One of my all time favorites.

Vernon: "You think about this: when you get old, these kids - when *I* get old - they're going to be running the country."

Too bad the Vernon's are still in charge- for now... *rubs hands together*

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