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squicky, icky and cool (gross)

Here is a WaPo article about Duluth Doctor Johannes Aas. I am both repulsed and impressed by this news. Incidently Dr. Aas seems to be pretty active in Duluth, finally, here is a picture of the fellow.


I don't think that's an actual picture of Dr. Aas, just a model who plays a doctor on websites.
I've never in my life heard of a shit transplant... eewie.

I wonder how you pronounce his name.

It's pronounced "Oze"

As far as I'm concerned, I could live without someone else's "healthy" bacteria...

"there is this competitive battlefield in the colon" ..aint that the truth!?

I've heard of piss shivers before but never poop shakes.

sorry couldn't resist

With a colon obstruction, it is possible to actually vomit shit. Now that would be awful. With this doc's treatment, the poo-poo is introduced through a nasogatric tube so I imagine ya wouldn't really even notice. But puking poop and actually having it in your mouth, I think that might be permanently scarring.

I wonder if donors get a button for their efforts.

"I gave poop today!"


if you drink enough pbr you can get the poop shakes.
that's why i switched to premium.

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