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So ... anybody do anything fun this weekend?

This may have been the most fun I've ever had at Homegrown.


+ Sudden Death puking at Carmody's ... on Thursday ... at 3pm ... after having about two ounces of stout ... within 10 minutes of arriving in Duluth.

+ Jamie Ness and Wet Dog. Nice to hear again.

+ Bone Appetit's show at R.T.'s -- seriously the best time I've had at a show. HotRod crowd surfed off stage, drink in hand, the stamp on my arm sweated off, everyone singing every line of every song. Far too good.

+ Shutting down the huge frat boy's "let's crush some people at a Black-eyed Snakes show" party. My shin muscles are still sore, but a) he was so drunk he never figured out why he wasn't able to affect the flow anymore and b) slightly fewer people were crushed for a couple of songs. We're all winners ...

+ Tab and Cabana Boy Coconut rum at the kickball game. Unfadeable. If I was 14 and wanted to get drunk, I know exactly what I'd be pining for.

+ Jamie Ness getting LVP for a) throwing a ball at a guy, hearing the umps call him out and then correcting us; b) getting a ball thrown at him, having the umps call him safe and then correcting us; c) being part of The Third Inning Asterisk Play -- he and Seth on second at the same time, with Jamie as lead runner -- he's out. Jamie then runs through to home for a score that shouldn't (and didn't) count. Both Jamie and Seth walking off the field as "outs" to end the inning. Err ... the two-for-one special? I think the main reason Saturday always wins is that Paul Lundgren is never drunk and he knows all the rules to baseball and can make reasonable arguments why Friday should get screwed, which Rick Boo and I always buy.

+ Leaving the Shaky Ray a smoking ruin to head to Centerfold's (to the J. Geils Band: "Na, na, na-na na na, we're all going to to Centerfold's ..."). Sorry, Mark ... but redecorating the dining room and singing "I Think I Love You" by the Partridge Family can get a little wild.

+ Watching HotRod drink reverse beer-bongs (out of the funnel, poured into the tube) and having Baby Grant Johnson come over to explain that he was doing them wrong. Classic.

+ Mr. Kickass -- the t-shirt. Also unfadeable. And they played "Boys Don't Cry."

+ Chanting "USA! USA! USA!" to Crew Jones -- inexplicably hillarious.

+ Punting the beer Jerree Small was carrying through Quinlan's out of her hand at like 2am on Saturday, and getting another poured down my shirt in return. Even I don't know why I did that, but at the time it sure seemed like a good plan. This is the second time I've ever met Jerree -- the first was last year when I made her bong a beer at the Shaky Ray. Someday, I may even hear what sort of music she plays.

+ Consistently mocking and talking ridiculous smack, but never being told to settle down. I kind of felt like one of Saddam Hussein's sons at points on Saturday.

Definitely worth the cost of airfare, $300 in bar tabs and the wicked Sunday morning hangover. Hot Rod claimed that this may have been "the roughest weekend in [his] life." That's saying a lot.

Thanks to all of the people who organized the festival. Good to see so many people. Apologies as necessary.

I'll give Duluth a few months to recover before I come back.


I would have to agree on the roughest weekend of my life thing too but damn that was so much fun.

In addition to the reverse beer bong, it should also be noted for the record that there were double-bongs -- beer shot through one bong into another bong into the mouth of the recipient.

Also, my favorite quote of the weekend came after someone drank something other than beer through the bong (probably vodka).

"That's not hardcore enough for me. I want to see someone drink creamed corn through that thing."

I think Chris Whittier said that. I'm not sure.

Can't vouch for the fratboys but getting crushed and crushing in return is as close to union with the godhead as you can get for 10 bucks.
Repeat: Crushing good, fratboys bad

Also, imagine my horror at the young and presumably upper crusty gals at Bone Appetit who insisted that no bombastic carrying on happen that might jostle them in any way.

Kids, shallow end is in the back with the babies.

The big kids swim in the deep end.

There is no argument to be made for 'I wish to be in the front at Bone Appetit's last show yet remain unjostled.' Its so unreasonable as to be virtually criminal. It may actually be a sign of total cultural collapse.

Then 3 feet away from the "my daddy is going to sue you if you don't settle down" girls was the drunken gal who hauled and decked some other gal in what appeared to be a totally unprovoked freak out.

I'm all like "Damn."

The girls at the Bone Appetit show were HotRod's girlfriend, sister, etc. Probably not the best place for them to stand, but they wanted to be close to the action ...

"Repeat: Crushing good, fratboys bad" -- Actually, to clarify: Fun pit good, trying to hurt people bad. At the Bone show, I saw a girl start to fall down and she was pulled up to her feet before she touched the ground. At the BES show, I saw a girl start to fall and the people next to her got out of her way. (I thought she was going to crack her skull, so I leaned forward and caught her head.) I got elbowed in the nose by some guy who dropped his head, put up his elbows and started spinning. Not cool -- at least in Duluth, Minnesota.

Violent out-of-control vs. chaotic out-of-control. Mr. Ashley could elaborate.

Get very drunk and act stupid. Now THAT's a good time!

There is indeed a distinction between violence and chaos and all I experienced at the snakes was pure blissful chaos. I don't doubt that there were Meatheads at BES but I didnt witness anything too loco. Unlike the brawl at the Bone show.

As for the ladies at the Bone show who were affronted by the exuberance, personally I don't care if yer the Queen of England rock music and jumping around like a drunken idiot are inseparable.

Theres usually a pretty clear distinction of whos up for what level of rowdiness based on where they choose to stand.

But to stand up front and shoot glares at people who are enjoying themselves in a chaotic environment is more obnoxious in my mind than being chaotic. Theres something about the look of shock that says "I can't believe you're dancing around at a rock and roll show" that gets my goat. And this was some pretty tame jostling indeed compared to the Snakes show.

That they might have been with the band makes it even less understandable.

All I mean is participants in the front, observers in the back and I guess put a label on your VIPs. Sheesh.

I mean everybody's got a right to their personal space and all but if its advertised as the last show a band is ever going to play you'd think a certain level of frivolity would be acceptable.

Wasnt my girlfriend, was her stupid friend

Case closed.

still one of the best shows we ever attempted. everyone in the band was very impressed and completely happy with the way we left it.

to anyone that got hurt or even just think that they COULD HAVE!!?! don't ever attend another rawk show again, it just is NOT YOUR SCENE.


Some of my highlights from homegrown:

1. Newcastle and porno-guitar electronica with 4321 at Carmody's on Tues. night. Sorry I missed Tangier 57, baci, work sucks.

2. Being able to pinpoint the exact moment I lost my hearing at the Fairweather friend farewell show. (it was about 3-1/2 minutes after Jonathan blew out the PA for the second time. rock-n-roll!)

3. Cars and Trucks closing a spectacular show with a cover of "Joey" by Concrete Blonde. The song had been going through my head for about three days and that morning, I nearly bought a copy of "Bloodletting" at Fetus just so I could hear it. Thanks Tony, you have proved that not only are a fuckking musical genius, but a bit of a clairvoyant.

3. "Bone-app-e-tit!!!"

4. Clang, clang, clang...the trolley rawks!!

5. Sharing a flask of "whiskey so soft" with C-Freak at the Little Black Books show. Lindquist, also a fuckking genius, probably not so clairvoyant though.

6. Finally getting to see my co-worker bang skins for the Keep-Aways. That boy plays the drums like two jack-rabbits fuckin'. Great show, par for the course for Quinlan's this time around. By far my favorite venue this year.

My ears are still ringing, my voice still hoarse, I have not drank since Sunday's epic hangover and I have a terrible sinus infection from all the 2nd hand smoke.

My highlights were:
Homegrown Hempen Ale
Da Snakes, Turtles, Bone, Keepaways, Boy Girl Boy Girl, DJ's Lucas and Focus at Red Star and above all THE BLACK LABELS who rawked my world.

Drunken trolley ride while stomping, clapping and singing "Bear Necessities" from Disney's "Jungle Book".

This nice bouncer at Luce who did not overreact to my 2 AM drunk ass drinking bottles of Grain Belt Premium while in line for the Turtles.

Running into Rod Raymond on the street with a stolen Brewhouse pint glass in my hand. (of course I brought it back-empty)

All the friends, family, bands and bartenders who welcomed me back to Minnesota. I cannot wait until next year!


the dancer at RT's for Little Black Books- Brian!!

* Tangier 57 at Carmody's and their martini organ.

* Jim Hall's return from the south.

* Getting an e-mail from the Fire Marshall at 9:30 am Thursday morning saying that we could open the NorShor for the Low show - then getting 400+ folks in that night for an incredible show.

* The Acceleratti - my new favorite band!

* The Flavanoids responding to the happy hour crowds by playing louder and longer.

* Brother Jamie almost over-sleeping his 9:30 pm set, getting LVP in the softball game for being too honest, and getting smacked in the face by Sudden Death while wearing the chicken costume after the Snakes show. And of course, playing one hell of a Wet Dog set.

* David the trolley driver who would stop on a dime to pick people up mid-block.

* The kids at the Fetus who had the best energy of the festival. Make sure to check out Mikey Talented, Anti-Anne, and The Wormsley Common Gang.

* What more can be said about the Bone Appetit show - I nearly cried, it was so beautiful.

* Feeling like it was 1999 and I was experiencing it all again for the first time.

i was the gal who hauled off and decked the retarded females at bone appetit thinking they were going to get in front of me and then when they couldnt push their way through they got mad and started clawing my arms therefore they got decked...just to clear things up it wasnt an unprovoked freakout....but bone appetit rocked and i wish i wouldn't have gotten kicked out of the bar before the show was over

Kick ass!!!

At least you came there to rock the house.

The show kicked ass, literally in your case.

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