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sleepless in duluth

well not yet really ...

ok ma'dear PDD'ers .. my heart has always been in Duluth and hopefully my bills will be going there soon too.
anyhow, I am moving to Duluth in the next few months and am in desperate need of an ideal living situation for me, my BF and our two golden retrievers. i am hoping someone reading this might know a friend of a friend of a friend that might be able to help. finding pet friendly rentals in Duluth is harder than finding a cell phone signal in Two Harbors. [sorry best metaphor i could come up with tonight]. so here is my S.O.S. - if you know of any place for rent please email me at [email protected] or you can just say hello too.

If this blog post doesn't apply to you, then let's just chat about something else. Where is the best place to walk a dog in Duluth? Anyone interested in getting an off leash park started? [or is that too 'twincites']
And lastly , here's a little eye candy, ma'boy harvey!



dogs rule

bag their poop and we all go home alive! Really, I walk murf and scout in chester, hartley and lester off leash...I make them sit for runners and bikers, and heal when we pass other hikers. Once in chester there was a woman who let her leashed dogs run and jump up on every one...the dogs had their leashes on but were wild..pissed me off, thats the stuff that leads to enforced leash laws. GL on finding a spot. Lots of college rentals open right now

Welcome to Duluth-- we need more goldens! My same-sex life partner is pictured in my PDD biography.

The trail on Park Point north of the airport is excellent dog territory. I agree with Baci about dogs being off leash. I've never been hassled for having Drifter off leash in Chester Bowl or Park Point, but he's a pretty well behaved dog and I pick up after him.

Park Point is a great place for your dog to frolic in poison ivy. Keeping to the trail is probably a good idea.

I think there are two dog parks in the works right now in Duluth. Last I heard, Keene Creek Park and part of the former Cobb School grounds were being considered. But I haven't heard anything about that for a while.

I always keep my dog on a leash, because he will attack and kill anything that trys to smell his butt. Which is a good reason for you to keep your dog on a leash too.

Remember: Just because your dog plays nice doesn't mean the other dogs do.

i knew PDD would be a good place for my rental woes

as for park point .. um i can't take charlie there [not pictured] he took off into the 7ft waves a few months back and i nearly lost him. like a total clown he just kept swimming out and out .. what a turkey.

i like to stick to the creak. low water depth... everyone in duluth has been the best when it's come to dogs.

Check with the folks that own Continental Ski and Board. They have rental property for pet owners. and Geogre Hanson, Board of Director for Animal Allies Humane Society who owns rental property

Thanks Cheryl .. great info!

drifter .. your pal is awesome, i love when a goldent gets old. their sweet faces turn white .. how cute!

thanks for the heads up mister lundgren, i'm certain my guys would have sniffed you little killer in the keeeester.

Bagely, Chester, Lester and Hartley are the best for half the year. Then the snow comes, the skiers rule and the pickings get slim. The best winter walks are at park point and hawks ridge. At hawks ridge you do have to watch for snowmobiles, but those things are so loud you hear them coming at least a minute before you see them. Plenty of time to get your four legged friend away from whatever carcass she is chewing on and sitting pretty by your side.

Landlords that accept pets are somewhat hard to find, but they are out there if you keep calling.
I find it works best if you convince them that you're a responsible pet owner and not a dumb college student (even if you are).
I bet you would have better luck with the smaller, local landlords, rather than the huge slumlords, uh, I mean "landlords" from Minneapolis.
My former landlord Rick Martin was a really good guy and let me keep cats (and you have the bonus of saying "Ricky Martin is my landlord!").
Best of luck (and welcome to Duluth)!

There are indeed two dog parks in the works for Duluth-- the Keene Creek Park should be opening this fall if all goes well with the fundraising process. The second site is still up in the air, but will likely be in the East End/Lakeside area. When I moved here, I was surprised to learn that duluth has no dog parks-- I think it will be a great addition to the city! I know I am looking forward to it, as is my furry friend. To find out more info and (maybe?) contribute to the cause, go to www.duluthdogsunleashed.com. Also, the dog park committee is having a "Model Dog Park" in Bayfront park this weekend so people can bring their dogs down and see what it's all about.

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