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Man I love the internet and its giant shredding machine fims.

What would you shred if you had an industrial shredder?


I'd shred Tom Cruise.

No, wait -- I'd shred No. 5, that robot from Short Circuit.

another shredder.

I'd shred the 3 tons of confetti I have in my basement.

I would shred the kozy.

Next Month: How to shred those pesky dissidents

gigantic wheels of cheese.

whole houses.... with all the crap included

Does it come with a sausage making attachment?

Golf shoe bratwurst on the grill...mmmmm...taste of summer

boxes of kittens would also be good.

I'd shred every empty pool from here to Houston...wait...we're not talking about skateboard type shredding, are we?

in.dog.neato gleams the cube

barrett, don't you dare touch No. 5, he's such a cute, loveable little...

I'd shred anyone who shreds No. 5.


Isn't confetti in a way...already shredded?

B Cookie, I'm gonna teach you a word, and that word is "disassemble."

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