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Second Annual Gonzo Science Paulding Light Expedition

This is a heads up that a few of your fellow bloggers are going camping in Paulding, Michigan this weekend, home of the mysterious "Paulding Light," which is either a ghost, a UFO, or an astounding optical anomaly. Anyway we had a blast there last year, capturing the phenomenon on video and everything. It's easy to see, it's hard to say what it is. If anyone's interested in joining us, you can google the directions yourself and meet us out there, or you can drive out with one of two caravans. Karl and Kim are leading the early wave; meet them in the Rose Garden parking lot on Friday at 3pm and tail them to Paulding. A second wave is being led out by me, Jill, The Candidate, and our ghostbuster Brianna on Saturday at 12:30pm, also from the Rose Garden lot. Bring: your car, your camping gear, food, beer and rain gear just in case.

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