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Perfect Duluth Night.

Spring Storm 2006pdd.jpg What a night. Larger verson a www.moeview.com


Cooooool pic!

This should be bannerized. Great pic and what a cool storm.

Fantastic shot! Looks like two worlds colliding.

I just got a new DSLR and was having fun with this storm too. :)

That's a great shot. I was hoping someone could record this storm, as I was stuck at work for most of it.


i got a few pics of the clouds as they passed over the house, and some turned out pretty cool...but none of them turned out as good as this...nice work!

if ya ever make prints...count me in as wanting one!


Simply beautiful.

Very impressive. I'm sorry I wasn't up there to see the storm.

Any way you could post or email me a larger (1280x1024 or bigger) version for my desktop?

Yea, that screams to be a desktop background.

very nice... seems to be a day to contemplate photography stuff, looking at potential new lenses right now

Nice Moe!! Were you in the hot tub?

I was seriously thinking that night, boy I hope Aaron is getting this...
and you got the shot I was hoping for!!!

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