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i was going to create a frapper map for pdd and it informs me that the name "perfect duluth day" is already taken for a frapper map.

who has it and why don't you have it activated?



I have a crapper map of Duluth.

Places I've crapped my pants:

The Parking lot at the copper top church
Washington Jr. High locker room
Park Point (three times!)
The old Snow White store on Woodland
The old Mount Royal Drugstore
A jewelry store in the DeWitt Seitz building
Mr. Nick's

Where have you crapped your pants?

Excellent idea! Let's all jot down where we shit our pants and then make a frapper map out of it. I "frapped" my pants on 7 Bridges Road in 1986 while tripping on mushrooms.

I frapped my pants in Hermantown, does that count?

Sorry - that's my fault. I created it a while ago as a mapping experiment, but never activated it.
Maybe I'll get creative tonight and set it up...

The frappr map is stuck in a state between creation and decreation... or something like that.
Frappr tech is (supposidly) on it.

So have you got a frappr page working yet?

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