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new way to waste time + opportunity to teach 9th grades about zeitgeist= google trender thingy...

  • time beats money
  • good beats evil
  • swiss beats gorgonzola
  • war beats peace
  • sex beats everything else

    • btw--look and see which language looked up sex the most


In one of her last unnofficial acts as A&E scene writer for the DNT, Sarah Henning jumped on the "Crazy Train" at Charlie's. ... Aye, aye, aye, aye ... You Missed IT! check it out at christa's blog -- www.biggianttamponcommercial.blogspot.com

Wow, people in turkey look up "Satan" more than people in Norway. I woulda thought with Scandinavia's crazy Black Metal scene they woulda won out.

Did you know that the greatest number of adult pants frapping incidents in America took place in Houghton Hancock Michigan?

Shakespeare vs. Britney Spears is interesting and telling.

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