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Now We're Talking.


OK, finally a show I don't mind paying 28 bucks for. Wilco at the DECC, July 2nd. You can get an early shot at tickets here or just go down to the DECC on Saturday morning.

This is so sweet.


I always felt Wilco's music was a little dry, empty and self-important. Just my opinion. That said, it's awesome that a "cool"-sorta-not-mainstream-but-pretty-well-known-band such as Wilco sees fit to visit Duluth!

I know Neil Young is playing Winnipeg July14 and MPLS July 15, which means he could be passing through Duluth, which means my obsessive campaign to get him to appear at Green Man, and for the Duluth Biodiesel Co-op to fill up his bus, begins NOW.

Yeah, like 'Keep on Rockin' in a Free World' is the height of artistic musicianship. Talk about empty. But, that's just MY opinion.

uh huh. yeah. ok. sure. yup.

Witty retort.

Arguing w/ strangers via the internet is my forte' and life's goal. What's yours?

Jeff Tweedy is a stinky nincompoop! Wilco are yucky! Son Volt rocks!

Oh, God, how I adore and worship Neil Young like a Roman slave punisher!

"A Ghost is Born": Makes me feel like making love!

Where does haiku enter into this madness?

You said retort, and it made me hungry for lemon tort.

I win!

I love Wilco

I love Neil Young

I wish that Prince would invite me to Paisley Park so that I can show him what "When Doves Cry" really means to me.

MF B Row N, seats 17,18!

Section MF B, Row L, Seats (13, 14)

Missed the pre-sale completely, dang it.

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