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Make my grandma dance sucka

Hey... I was told that this might be the place to find what I am looking for. I have noticed a few wedding tip posts lately and I thought that maybe somebody could help me. I am in desperate need of a dj. I don't feel right giving the last of my saved wedding money to some putz in a bowtie whose favorite keep the party going song is "I knew the Bride when she use to rock n roll". I do, however, need someone to keep grandma away from the liquor and on the dancefloor. The date is June 23 probably 6-10 pm. at Bennetts on the Lake. I can possibly come up with the equipment but I would prefer someone with the stuff/knows how to work it. I would pay the right person $400 for the night- music will be done by 10 as is Bennetts policy. So please come and party with my family- take my money- and get done in time to take said money and impress everybody at the Red Star by dropping the big bills. If you are interested please leave a response or contact me at [email protected]


I would like to hear suggestions as well!

A few suggestions, first you'll need some good polka, follow it up with Tony B., Frankie S. Maybe some Sundown by Gordon Lightfoot, Joe Cocker, Bring it back with Okie from Misskokee, polka: the too fat polka, also Hank Williams Sr. Oh and a song by the Lettermen its called the wedding song. bring in the fun 80's stuff phs,phs,phsuedo.. Big band, respectable classics, without the regular overplayed wedding crab, you should be able to keep everyone going since the place shut's ya down soo early. Chances are grandma likes workin 9-5, and the gambler, then bring Tito Puente and the Tijauna brass.. Good luck!! Harry Belafonte, but this is your party if granny has a little single malt she'll be smiles all night!! Congrats I don't know if there is anyone qualified for this hullaphallu.. If I still had my equipment.................

There was the WORST dj at a graduation/30 B-day party this weekend. I'll be sure to get the name of who that was so you all can avoid him.

What's "sucka"? (as in "dance sucka)

foggy & i will do it.

I'm Gonna Git You, Sucka!

yes, the old comma makes sense
Although there could be a dance called the "sucka" that I am not aware of.

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